How To Get Briars Of Sin In Elden Ring

The AoE attack of Briars of Sin can be used to target multiple enemies at once in Elden Ring, making it a good option for sorcerers.

Looking for a spell that deals Magical Damage? Briars of Sin is the best option available in Elden Ring for players looking to become sorcerers. It scales with Faith, so you can consider using this spell if running a Faith Build.

The Area of Effect attack of Briars of Sin can be used to target multiple enemies at once. You can also double the damage of the AoE attack by spamming it further. As a plus, tarnished will also build Hemorrhage while using this spell.

Briars of Sin location in Elden Ring

To get your hands on Briars of Sin in Elden Ring, you need to make your way to Stormveil Castle in Liurnia of the Lakes.

After reaching Stormveil Castle, you need to travel further North which can be done in two ways; one is by going through the castle and the second is by defeating Godrick, the Grafted which unlocks a secret area.

You need to travel North in Liurnia of the Lakes until you find an unusual-looking enemy called the Thorn Sorcerer. By the looks, the enemy will be holding a staff covered in flames. Also, he will also be accompanied by a couple of Fire Slugs.

If you are having difficulties finding the enemy, there is an alternative route that you can make use of. For that, you need to find the path on the left if you head North from Liurnia of Lakes.

This path will be located east of Raya Lucaria Academy. From that path, head a little south and the enemy will be in front of your eyes.

Briars of Sin map location in Elden Ring

Finding the Thorn Sorcerer will be a whole lot easier if you have already unlocked the Artist Shack Site of Grace. Head to the Site of Grace and the Thorn Sorcerer can be found if you make your way Northwest from there.

The next task after finding the enemy is to defeat him. As a reward for defeating this enemy, you will get Briars of Sin.

How to use Briars of Sin in Elden Ring

To equip the Briars of Sin spell in Elden Ring, you need to first make sure that you have 24 points in Faith. Once you have that covered, you can head into the Memory Slot and drag the spell from the inventory to equip it.

To make the best of this spell, you can cast it when cornered by loads of enemies. They will all suffer damage due to the area of effect attack. Briars of Sin will also cause Blood Loss damage to the enemies making it more useful.

Talking of Blood Loss, spamming Briars of Sin too much on enemies can have a negative effect on tarnished Blood Loss. If the Blood Loss Guage is not taken care of and is filled completely, it will cause the player to die.

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