Elden Ring Reveal Could Be Set For Bandai Namco Next

Yet another clue has been found that suggests Elden Ring to be finally receiving an official reveal in the coming months.

Bandai Namco Entertainment was recently granted a trademark for something called Bandai Namco Next which will be “providing information about video games, computer games…through telecommunication or computer networks.”

Bandai Namco Next appears to be an online event similar to how Nintendo and Sony Interactive Entertainment do Direct and State of Play presentations. The Elden Ring publisher has hence decided to create for its own digital showcasing to make announcements, share updates, and show off footage.

The first iteration of Bandai Namco Next will undoubtedly be where Elden Ring gets revealed. The only question is when?

There have already been many speculations about a reveal taking place soon. Microsoft here has denied the game to be appearing at its new Xbox digital event in the coming weeks. Bandai Namco hence may as well be hosting Bandai Namco Next after Microsoft is done with its show.

According to a report from earlier today, Elden Ring has already been delayed multiple times since its announcement and will unlikely release in 2021 due to the pandemic taking a wrench to production schedules. The game however has a trailer which is being spread within exclusive circles. That hence strongly suggests a reveal to be taking place soon.

Elden Ring entered development back in early 2017 once Dark Souls 3 received its last expansion pack, The Ringed City. The new dark fantasy role-playing game sees Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki returning as director and the involvement of the author of the Song of Ice and Fire novels, George R. R. Martin as writer and world-builder.

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