Ebay Takes Notice Of Scalpers Targeting Steam Deck

It comes as no surprise that scalpers have taken a great interest in the recently announced Steam Deck even though developer Valve will not be launching its new handheld console for many months to come.

Last week, when Valve made the announcement, scalpers took to Steam to make sure that legitimate buyers would not find it easy to secure pre-orders. Valve at the time placed an anti-scalper queuing system on Steam as a way to detect legitimate pre-orders from the illegitimate ones. However, the system only caused a temporary shutdown of Steam servers due to a flood of attempts.

Steam was not alone. Scalpers also took to eBay to sell queue-spots for inflated prices. These Steam Deck listings began from over $1,000 and went as high as $3,500, even higher in some bizarre cases. The irony being that even if someone paid the complete sum, they was no guarantee of being eligible when the handheld console actually launched in the coming months.

Thankfully, eBay has taken notice of the problem. The e-commerce platform has begun removing all Steam Deck listings (via GameRant) as they breach its pre-sale clause. The culling has cleansed eBay of all such listings and the only search results are for collectible card decks, at least at the time of writing.

Steam Deck is the handheld console project Valve was recently rumored to be working on. The device is designed to be a portable PC which can play games, including modern-day triple-a games, from a Steam library, but in reality can do so much more. Users can install Windows for example as well as other software and applications and clients, even the Epic Games Store.

Steam Deck comes in several editions with the cheapest being $350, the same as the new Nintendo Switch OLED model but far more powerful in comparison. There is also a $550 model which upgrades the NVMe solid-state drive, adds a premium glass, and includes some exclusive goodies like a unique carrying case and a virtual keyboard theme.

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