EA’s Star Wars License Could Be In Jeopardy

EA came under fire for including shady including microtransactions system in Battlefront 2 that prompted even the U.S Govt officials to call out the publisher.

Now, a petition is going viral that wants Disney to take away EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 license. The demand is understandable and might actually do some good for the Star Wars franchise in the video game space.

All of this is starting to have a major backlash on EA in general, with hundreds of thousands now committing to cancel preorders and boycott the game and future games completely. EA made a Reddit post answering concerns of the fan base and I can proudly say that in less than 24 hours of that post going live that it is now the most disliked post in the entirety of Reddit, with a whopping 230 thousand downvotes. This seriously shouldn’t be surprising from the company that has won worst company in America for two years in a row. Lucasfilm, if you cannot see that EA is seriously abusing and harming the Star Wars brand then you are part of the problem.

What’s interesting is that Lucasfilms met with EA for weekly reports so some can argue that they probably approved the loot box system. However, as shady as EA is, they may not have properly discussed their loot box system in detail. It makes little sense that Disney would jeopardize the reputation of its biggest cash cow.

Looy boxes are now widely being considered “gambling.”

Do you think EA should get its Star Wars license revoked? What other publishers can handle this IP? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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