EA’s New Star Wars Game Will Have a Single Player Mode But Live Services and Multiplayer Remains the Focus

EA’s next Star Wars game is currently under development at EA Vancouver. The project was taken over by the studio after the closure of Visceral Games. It was a sad day to see one of the most talented teams of developers without jobs.

But as far as the game goes, it is still under development but EA shifted its focus from single to multiplayer. When announced the change many assumed that the game will completely push out Single Player narrative but it seems that is not entirely accurate.

According to a new Job listing, there is going to be a single player mode in the game but the focus will remain on live services and multiplayer. EA Vancouver is looking for an online designer to implement live services and multiplayer in its new Star Wars game.


  • Partner with the Creative Director, Game Director and Online Producer to define and execute on the vision for a unique online experience
  • Lead the design, execution and tuning of all online game modes, social experiences and live service features.
  • Work with the Creative Director, Game Director and Lead Writer to align all connected features with the single-player narrative and gameplay into a cohesive experience
  • Drive the balancing and tuning of all connected features based on focus testing, metrics, telemetry and other feedback
  • Spearhead the evolution, execution and tuning of the game’s features and economy in a live service environment together with the Live Team
  • Champion the vision for the connected experience and live services
  • Track, analyze and communicate on forward-looking trends and player-desired features in online gaming and live services
  • Actively communicate progress, risks, and challenges to key stakeholders across the team

The focus on multiplayer can impact the quality of the single player narrative. Live services are also a red flag at this point until we see how they have implemented them. With EA rumored to be abandoning Star Wars Battlefront 2 after severe criticism, whatever they do next needs to hit the nail right on the head.

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