How to Earn Gold Fast in DOTA Underlords – Easy Gold Farming Tips

Gold is the most essential element in DOTA Underlords. Using it wisely and earning interest off it will allow you to formulate stronger decks and win indefinitely. That is why our DOTA Underlords Gold Guide will walk you through all Gold-related details in DOTA Underlords and how to earn it fast.

DOTA Underlords Gold

You need Gold to buy heroes to add to your deck and deploy on the battlefield. After each round, you are given to buy characters to add to your deck.

Buying the same characters and collecting three of the same kind will upgrade the respective hero to the next level or tier. Heroes may cost from 1-5 Gold, depending on their rarity and level.

Gold is also important when it comes to resetting hero choices. As mentioned before, you buy heroes after each round. Here, you are given to choose from 5 random characters. If the hero you require is not among them, you can reset the random set to have another one to choose from for 2 Gold.

Finally, you can also use Gold to buy XP. Essentially, you earn XP through fighting but you can also have 1 XP in exchange for 5 Gold anytime in the game by pressing ‘T’.

Gold Farming Tips

You will get between 1-4 Gold for each round up until the first four rounds and +5 Gold after each round after the 5th round. Winning a fight against an opponent will earn you additional +1 Gold.

Win/Lose streaks will also get you some extra Gold. Winning/Losing for consecutive 3 rounds will earn you 1 Gold after each round.

When the streak gets to 6, you earn +2 Gold after each win/lose after that until the streak gets to 9 after which you will earn +3 Gold to each win/lose.

You can earn interest on the Gold you have by not spending it. The interest comes after each turn. The rate of interest is 10% meaning you get 1 Gold for every 10 Golds that you possess.

There is also a limit to the interest earning which is capped at +5 Gold. It means if you have +50 Gold or more, you will get only +5 Gold after the turn. Selling your heroes and other items can also get you some Gold.

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