Early Warcraft Movie Reviews Are Not In Its Favor

Movies based on video games have a long history of being terrible ones, and it looks like this is not changing anytime soon. The trailers for Warcraft movie hyped things up and it was being speculated that this would be the first to break the bad movie based on a video game curse. However, the early Warcraft movie reviews are not in the favor of the movie or its creators.

The early Warcraft movie reviews indicate that the movie is not a mediocre one but a bad one with uninteresting story, lore and ignoring the goofy core of the games and opting for grittiness. However, the movie is so bad that even in its grittiest moments it makes you laugh.

Let me give you a quick run down of what these reviewers said exactly about the movie.

According to Variety, the movie does not struggle to tell a story of a conflict between humans and orcs, but the it really struggle is between the filmmaker’s desire to tell a story with its heart and soul, but fails miserably due to the script is not up to standards.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the movie is nothing but a big screen 3D game, and director’s attempt to use multiple cameras to shot motion capture artists and human characters in the same take does not work at all. Also the motion capture is not impressive as some effects are out of place.

According to Kotaku the movie suffers from ignoring the goofy core of the games and opting for grittiness, and while doing so filmmakers miss their mark. You can’t take the movie seriously as the most popular spell of a mage is turning it’s enemies into sheep. The CGI-enhanced eyes of  Dalaran will give you laughs although the filmmakers want you to take them seriously.

Finally The Wrap, who might just hated the movie too much, says that the movie redefines the term soulless corporate film-making. The reviewer further says that the movie belongs at the bottom of already dead genre.

Reviews like these certainly takes our hopes away that one day a good movie based on video games will be made. Since Assassin’s Creed movie is slated to release later this year, reviews like these does not boost any confidence in that movie either and Assassin’s Creed movie sequels are also being planned.

However, these are just early Warcraft movie reviews, as the movie has not released in majority if its market, so we will have to wait till 10th of June until we see final reviews.

So will you give this movie a chance? Let us know in the comments.

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