EA Stock Drops In The Aftermath Of Visceral Games Closure

With the closure of Visceral Games, there has been quite a debate in the gaming community and not only facing a backlash from gamers, publisher EA has also seen a drop in its stock prices following the news of Visceral Games’ closure broke out.

As reported by CNBC, within 24 hours after EA announcing the shut down of Visceral Games and its Star Wars project being delayed, the company’s stock dropped almost 3%. According to the report, EA’s per share price dropped to $112.39.

However, as noted in the report, the drop in the stock will not present many problems for the company as the company has risen its stock by 42% throughout 2017 which is somewhat surprising considering how Mass Effect Andromeda performed.

Speaking of Visceral Games’ closure, Sony Santa Monica has reached out to the developers who have lost their jobs in the aftermath of EA’s decision to shut down the studio. Not only that, the studio has come forward to defend linear games.

God Of War game director, Cory Barlog, took to Twitter to defend Linear games saying that he loves linear games and it saddens him that linear games are being considered as a bad thing by game publishers like EA.

Also, the Star Wars title the studio was working on hasn’t been canceled and the development of the game has been shifted to EA Vancouver. Visceral Games’ Star Wars title was being developed as an action-adventure story-driven title and a lot of plot details leaked earlier this year for the game.

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Source: CNBC

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