EA Sports UFC Ground Attacks Tips, Tricks and How To Avoid

Ground Attacks refer to attacking your opponent once you’ve performed a successful Takedown. While in the Ground Attacking position, you can change your posture, transition to different positions, and execute a number of attacks.

EA Sports UFC Ground Attack

In this guide, I will provide a brief overview of being Offensive/Defensive with Ground Attacks and should only lay the foundation of your unique fighting style.

Being Offensive with Ground Attacks

Once you’ve successfully executed a Takedown, you can perform different attacks by pressing A/B/X/Y or their corresponding Dualshock variants. Furthermore, these attacks can be modified in a variety of ways by holding down L1/LB/L2/LT/R1/RB.

Since having a little distance between you and your opponents increases your overall damage output, you can do so by tapping the left analogue stick in upward direction and continue to attack.

Transitioning and Submission Attempts
While you’re on the ground, you can transition to different positions by rotating your analogue stick.

Push the right analogue stick towards right and rotate it in anti-clockwise direction
Push the right analogue stick towards left and rotate it in clockwise direction

It is important that you keep on transitioning to different position as it will allow you to execute a wide array of attacks and perform different Submissions.

Attempt Submission from Ground Attacks
Once you’re in the Ground Attack position, you can hold down the R1/RB button and tap the right analogue stick in any direction (Up, Down, Left, and Right). Doing this will allow you to select your desired Submission Attempt.

Note: Always keep an eye out on your character’s Stamina. As a general rule of thumb, it is always better to have a higher Stamina.

After you’ve selected your desired Submission Position, you’ll need to lock it by rotating the right analogue stick in any direction. A few examples of this are:

  • From down to left or right
  • From left to up to down
  • From right to down or up
  • From up to left or right

Your character will be able to perform Submission in different positions depending upon your transition position and fighter. For more information on Submission, check out my EA Sports UFC Submission Guide!

How to Avoid Ground Attacks

Since your opponent will have almost endless opportunities during the Ground Attacks, you’ll have to pay heed to each attack for a successful defense.

Below, you’ll find a complete list of defense against Ground Attack, Submission Attempts, and Transitions:

Blocking Ground Attacks: Simply hold down the R2/RT to block your opponents’ strikes. While blocking, you can press the left analogue stick to stand up or rotate the right analogue stick to transition to a different position

Restricting Opponent Transition: Hold down the R2/RT and tap the right analogue stick in either left or right direction

Defending Submission: If you opponent attempts a Submission hold down the R2/RT and push the right analogue stick in the upward direction.

Advanced Transition: Keep on holding the L1/LB button and rotate the right analogue stick in either right or left direction.

Restrict Standing Up: Like I have mentioned above, creating a distance between you and opponent increases the damage. You can restrict your opponents’ ability to sit over you by holding down the R2/RT and tapping the right analogue stick in downward direction.

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