How to Equip Perks in EA Sports UFC 4

Equipping the right perks in EA Sports UFC 4 career mode can play a crucial role to help win you fights.

Perks play an important role in your Career Mode. Usage of the right Perks can help you in your fights against tough opponents. But the question here is, what are the best Perks in UFC 4? Well, in this EA Sports UFC 4 Perks guide we have given detailed information about the best perks used in UFC 4.

How to Equip Perks in EA Sports UFC 4

Before you go any further, you must complete the introduction phase of the career mode. During the Introduction phase, you’re signed as an amateur athlete and have to compete in four matches.

Once you’ve completed that phase, you move to the HUB Screen where you’re given many options to choose from such as accepting or declining fight offers, record checking along with having the option to train for your fights.

Fighter Evolution

Fighter Evolution is a part of the game where all the activity takes place such as move set and attribute upgrading. The best part about this screen is that you can equip perks here.

Simply press RT/R2 and the Perks option will pop up. You can buy any perk you want with Evolution Points and equip them in your fight.

Just keep in mind that one fighter is only allowed five perks.

Recharger is a perk that’s used for boosting up your energy. Imagine being in a fight with a tough opponent and all of a sudden, your stamina drops down.

This is where the Recharger perk helps you with additional stamina between each round.

Since taking down and striking your opponent takes a lot of stamina, you’ll use this perk a lot during your fights.

Wrestling Clinic
During each fight, you’ll face opponents with different stats, which makes it unpredictable when you’ll be taken down to the ground while the opponent is on top of you.

At this point in the fight, you’ll start losing your defense and the only thing that can save you is the Wrestling Clinic Perk.

This perk helps you grapple when in a ground position, making sure that you are out of the ground position when fighting heavy fighters.

Frontal Assault
Kicks are the best offensive strikes in UFC 4. Both front and sidekicks can really change the landscape of a fight.

Mostly kicks are used to distract the opponent before you land a knockout therefore, hard-hitting kicks are a must and The Front Assault Perk helps giving extra boost to your kicks.

Fast Hands
While the Frontal Assault Perk gave you fast striking kicks, Fast Hands give you lethal uppercuts, hook precision and extra speed.

This Perk is for those players who are more interested in fighting with hands instead of legs.

Out of the Gates
Another Boosting Perk that helps you fight using less stamina during Round 1 and 2. These two rounds mean everything to a fighter as they help in the final result of a fight.

Therefore, if you’re dominant during these two rounds with the help of the Out of Gates Perk, you are undefeatable (Unless you get knocked out).

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