EA Sports UFC 4 Clinching Tips

In UFC 4, EA has completely revamped the clinching mechanics of the game in order to provide a more realistic experience to the players. With these EA Sports UFC 4 Clinching Tips, we will help you dominate your opponents in the ring, and give you vital information that will allow you to get out of sticky situations.

EA Sports UFC 4 Clinching Tips

In Mixed martial arts, clinching is a technique used very commonly. A clinch move is when both competitors are grabbing hold of one another while standing.

It is like the middle-man between striking and grappling. Just like in real life, clinching is very crucial in UFC 4.

Clinching at the wrong moment can result in your fighter taking lots of punishment. So timing is key when engaging in a clinch.

One of the best times to use the clinch maneuver is when your stamina is low and both combatants are standing right in front of one another.

This often catches opponents off-guard as they will be looking to regain health and stamina.

Below we have listed all the different types of Clinching moves present in UFC 4.

Offensive Clinch Moves

Move PS4 Xbox One
Takedown/Submission Modifier L2 LT
Advanced Transition Modifier L1 LB
Rotate, Push and Pull Opponent L L
Grapple Stick R R
Left Punch Square X
Right Punch Triangle Y
Left Knee X A
Right Knee Circle B
Strike Modifier R1 RB
High Block R2 RT
Low Block L2+R2 LT+RT
Single/Double Leg Modifier L (flick) L (flick)
Advance Position R1 + Square R1 + Triangle RB + X RB + Y
Trip/Throw R1 + X R1 + Circle RB + A RB + B
Submissions L2 + R1 + Square/Triangle LT + RB + X/Y
Hooks L1 + Square/Triangle LB + X/Y
Uppercuts Square + X Triangle + Circle X + A Y + B
Body Knees L2 + X/Circle LT + A/B
Elbows L1 + Square + X L1 + Triangle + Circle. LB + X + A LB + Y + B


Defensive Clinch Moves

Move PS4 Xbox One
Defend Takedown/Throw L2 + R2 LT + RT
Defend Submission R2 RT
Single/Double Leg Defense Modifier L (flick) L (flick)
Clinch Escape L (flick left) L (flick left)


Tips and Tricks

Follow these tips to become a master of Clinching in UFC 4.

Practice Advance positioning
In UFC 4, practice your advanced positioning, as it will get you more opportunities to land takedowns.

Advanced positioning of Clinching also helps you escape dangerous positions from your opponent. Advanced positioning is R1+ Square for PS4, RB + X for Xbox One.

Strike while clinching
Currently, striking while clinching is very overpowered in UFC 4. You can take down your opponent is 4 rapid hits if they all land.

Use the different strikes available to you while clinching to reap the benefits.

Learn to escape the clinch
While on the backfoot, your opponent will surely use clinch moves to finish you off so it is vital that you learn how to escape clinch moves of your opponents.

Use the defensive clinch moves to escape your opponent’s takedowns.

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