EA Sports UFC 2 Coins Farming Guide

Coins in EA Sports UFC 2 are required to purchase Fight Packs from the in-game store; essentially making your fighters a whole lot stronger.

Since coins are an integral part of the EA Sports UFC 2 experience, this guide details some of the tips that you can use to earn more of these.

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EA Sports UFC 2 Coins Farming

There are multiple in-game methods that players can use to acquire a handful of the coins, use them to enhance their fighters, and win more matches.

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UFC 2 Coin Farming Methods

EA Sports UFC 2 Coin Earning Method #1
There are a total of 3 modes that you can participate in and earn some coins. These are singleplayer championships, online ultimate championships, and daily challenges.

The daily challenges refresh after every 24 hours [5 challenges in total]. These challenges vary when it comes to rewards, difficulty of completion; and can be completed while playing the online ultimate championships.

Another thing that you need to note is that singleplayer championships do not offer as much as online ultimate championships when it comes to rewards.

Last but not the least; singleplayer championships do not contribute to the completion of daily challenges, but online ultimate championships do.

EA Sports UFC 2 Coin Earning Method #2
One of the best methods of earning more coins after a fight is to prolong it as much as you possibly can. There is absolutely no need to finish fights in a couple of minutes, but you should try to extend them as much as possible.

By doing so, you will earn a whole lot coins at the end of a fight as compared to short fights. Alternatively, you can also complete the fight in less than 13 seconds and earn the same.

EA Sports UFC 2 Coin Earning Method #3
In addition to aforementioned methods, you should try and create a roster of various Ultimate Team fighters. This will essentially let these fighters go against other fighters around the world [out of your records] even when you are away from the console. These fights will let you earn quite a lot of coins – so more fighters are equal to more coins.

EA Sports UFC 2 Coin Earning Method #4
Another decent way of earning coins, albeit, not confirmed is to utilize “Predict. Play. Win Packs.”

In this method, you basically need to predict which fighters will win the upcoming real-life fights. With every correct prediction, you will earn Fight Packs which can be considered as coins.

EA Sports UFC 2 Coin Earning Method #5
If you head over to the “Pack Rewards” menu, you will get the option of selling the Fight Packs in order to acquire a handful of coins.

You cannot only sell these Fight Packs one-by-one, but also all at the same time. Since you do not need every Fight Pack out there, you can sell the useless packs which will let you acquire quite a lot of coins.

This is all we have on EA Sports UFC 2 coin earning methods! If there is something else you would like to know; make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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