EA Sports Reveals Madden NFL 18 File Size For Xbox One: 36.52 Gigabytes

EA Sports has revealed the Madden NFL 18 file size for the Xbox One, and it’s a very hefty title; the game will be taking up 36.52 gigabytes of your Xbox One’s hard drive, meaning that it’ll take up a significant portion of a vanilla Xbox One, which had 256 gigabytes on it.

Later versions of the Xbox One, including the 500 gigabyte version and the versions with one or two terabytes, likely won’t have as much of their space taken up, but even then it’s still a significant chunk of space. Considering everything that’s going to be Madden NFL 18, however, the Madden NFL 18 file size is fairly justified.

Madden NFL 18 is the twentieth entry in the Madden NFL franchise, and is the best-looking and most detailed one yet. Alongside the game’s career mode, the many different football teams in the NFL you can play with, the huge variety of stadiums, player uniforms, and crowd models, the game will also have a story mode a la FIFA 17, which in Madden NFL is called “The Longshot.”

The Longshot focuses on a custom character, Devin Wade, who is a quarterback that wants to play in the NFL as a professional football player. Players will also take part in high school and college games, and participate in the NFL Scouting Combine, where players are evaluated by talent scouts from various NFL teams, with the results affecting players’ draft status and salary.

The story mode mirrors FIFA’s “The Journey” mode, where you take on the role of Alex Hunter, an English football player that makes his way into England’s Premiere League in soccer.

If you want to buy the game for all of this, whether you’re a Madden fan or just want to get into the series, be sure that you have enough room on your Xbox One to be able to accompany the Madden NFL 18 file size.