EA Sports Keen To Include Fortnite Dances In FIFA 19 Celebrations

The popular Battle Royale game, Fortnite has never been shy of spreading its trend. The latest admirers to come forward are EA Sports. They are keen on adding the Fortnite’s popular victory dances in FIFA 19 celebrations. Fortnite’s celebratory dances started getting viral globally following its growing trend among the gaming community.

The infamous “Take the L” dance was seen in the freshly conducted FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia as well.
Notable players took to the stage of World Cup in Russia to express the Fortnite craze from around the world. Most prominent of such players was Antoine Griezmann of France, who also did the “L” dance after scoring in the final.

With so much of a fuss created about it, the OkayCool website received a reaction on it from Matt Prior(Director of FIFA 19) too. Matt Prior told the website that EA is very much interested in included Fornite dance in FIFA 19 celebrations. While referring to the classic slogan used in FIFA video games Prior said:

We give priority to the player and the authenticity. If you are seeing in the real world, ideally we would like to see it in the game. ‘It’s in the game’. You know, the whole thing.

Despite EA’s heavy interest in Fortnite dances for FIFA 19 celebrations the issue of licensing with Epic Games may bound them to do so.

There may be licensing issues involving them, but we’re always looking at football in the real world and trying to replicate it as much as possible,

Specifically, regarding these, I’m not sure if there are licensing issues involving them.

EA look to follow the steps of Madden 19 in adding the “L Dance” in FIFA 19 celebrations. FIFA 19 releases on 28 September for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Till then Fortnite dances in FIFA 19 celebrations might be on hold.

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