EA Teases New Sports Franchises In The Works

Electronic Arts will be adding new sports franchises to its existing sports portfolio with the advent of next-generation consoles.

During an earnings call (via IGN) for the second quarter ended of the 2021 financial year, chief executive office Andrew Wilson stated that the publisher expects significant growth in its sports franchises in the next financial year. He briefly noted that there are also plans to add “multiple new franchises in the years ahead” to the core EA Sports portfolio as well.

FIFA, UFC, NHL, and Madden are the main sports franchises which the publishing giant has been heavily investing in for several years now. Wilson did not mention what other sports games fans should be expecting in the coming years. EA Sports however has delved into the likes of cricket, boxing, golf, tennis, snowboarding, among many others, in the past.

Fight Night, for example, was abandoned in 2011, presumably to make way for UFC. EA Sports made a name for itself in the 90s for cricket games but abandoned that franchise in 2006. Grand Slam Tennis lasted barely three years and was shelved in 2012. The return of any one of these three sports would undoubtedly be appreciated. Cricket in particular has always been an insanely popular sport and fans would love to have a next-generation cricket experience in the years to come. The same goes for tennis as well.

Wilson noted that improving and expanding live service was a major focus of EA in the near future. The publisher intends to expand in more markets in more countries and on new platforms. There are already “six new soccer mobile games in development for new genres and new markets,” he said. Ultimate Team modes have grown by 25 percent in the year, despite the annual criticisms. EA now wants more sports franchises to further expand those revenue streams.

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