EA Never Responded to Petroglyph’s Star Wars: Empire at War Sequel Pitch

Petrogryph, the team behind Star Wars: Empire at War pitched a sequel to EA but for some reason EA never responded to them and unless they approve the sequel, the chances of it happening are quite slim.

Everyone knows about Petroglyph who are a group of RTS geniuses from the original CnC team. They have many highly acclaimed RTS titles such as Star Wars: Empire at War and Universe at War: Earth Assault. They have been out of action for quite some time. But recently at a Reddit AMA, Petroglyph was telling about their latest RTS game Forged Battalion, which has entered Early Access and is now available on Steam.

During this AMA event, Petroglyph was reminded of their first successful game Star Wars – Empire at War by a series fan who asked them about a potential expansion pack about the original game that came out in 2006. At this point, Petroglyph responded by saying that they do not have any plans for a future DLC for the original title. However, they have tried to contact EA about making a sequel Empire at War II but EA has not shown any interest so far.

After nearly a decade, Petroglyph released a few new patches for Star Wars: Empire at War, which has sparked interest in the game again around the world and people asking for new content for the game and also possibly the second part. Any fan of the series knows that Star Wars: Empire at War was a great RTS game and with a team dedicated to RTS like Petroglyph, a sequel will be equally good as the first game. At the moment Disney owns the IP and Electronic Arts owns the exclusive video game license.

We personally think that Empire at War II could be a great idea and Disney and EA should give green light if the developer is willing to work at it. We can hope that one-day Petroglyph gets a chance to work on a sequel and we can live the world of Star Wars from a much bigger perspective than simply a first-person shooter. You can find the official statements from the Petroglyph team below.

“Unfortunately, no official expansion is in the works – although we are still collecting data and hoping to get another patch out based on feedback,” a developer named Ted writes back.

“This is something that is purely corporate. I don’t have details, but EA has the license to do all Star Wars games and they seem focused on making a few titles at a very high-quality bar. So, they are using all their available resources to that end, which means that if you’re not into FPS, it’s not currently a priority.

“We have reached out to them a few times to see if they would be interested in contracting us to build an Empire at War II at the same quality level as their other Star Wars FPS titles, but nothing has resulted from that.”

“We would LOVE to work on Empire at War again – we’ve been tossing around ideas ever since the new movies came out,” said a developer named Torpid. “However, the decision is entirely up to Disney and Electronic Arts.”

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