EA Reportedly “Doing Everything” To “Drive Players” To FIFA Loot Boxes

FIFA 21 reportedly still sees publisher Electronic Arts (EA) throwing everything but the kitchen sink at players to start spending on its controversial loot boxes.

According to internal documents leaked to CBC News (via VGC) earlier today, EA considers FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) to be the “cornerstone” of FIFA 21 and as such, the publisher is “doing everything” possible to “drive players there.”

The obtained documents are said to be part of a new FIFA 21 presentation addressed to investors and shareholders. EA has always maintained a stance against enforcing FUT microtransactions on players but within the leaked documents, the publisher notes that “content teasers” and “targeted messaging” will “funnel players” towards spending more on loot boxes. “All roads lead to FUT.”

Furthermore, as if to defend its push for microtransactions now more than ever, the leaked presentation points out that FIFA 21 features more active players than ever before. The new installment sees more than 5.3 million and 3 million daily active players in FIFA and FUT respectively.

Whatever new business model EA has been preparing, and which appears to be frightful, will start rolling out in summers when the publisher plans to actively message players to incentivize an increased conversion rate for FIFA loot boxes.

The roll-out will then continue into mid-September where EA will be focusing primarily on engaging current players which the publisher labels as “plans are ready to flex.”

EA was heavily criticized last year for including microtransaction-related advertisements for FIFA 21 in a toys magazine for children. The publisher had to remove all of the adverts which were basically encouraging children to purchase FIFA Points for loot boxes. EA claimed that the marketing tactic, which in all rights was predatory in nature, was an accident.

FIFA 21, the latest installment in the highly lucrative sports franchise, is now available on all major platforms, including both previous- and current-generation consoles, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Google Stadia.

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