EA Dodging the Question: Why Can’t We Play FIFA 18 With Friends Online On Nintendo Switch?

FIFA 18 released on Nintendo Switch at the same time as other platforms but it was missing some key features. For example, The Journey was axed from the system which is understandable as hardware lacks a kick. However, missing crucial elements of online functionality is something really frustrating.

For those who don’t know, the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18 doesn’t allow you to play online with or against friends. This is mainly due to the fact that Nintendo Switch’s online infrastructure is barebones. But was there something EA could have done? Well, Eurogamer asked EA the question but the publisher impressively dodged it.

FIFA 18 on Switch offers Local Seasons allowing friends to play against each other across two consoles in close proximity to one another, and we encourage those looking to compete online to take advantage of online modes on Switch including FIFA Ultimate Team, Online Seasons, and Online Tournaments.

Under the layers of BS in that statement, what EA is trying to say is that players should stick to local multiplayer or play different online modes. So we are not getting proper online play with friends.

Nintendo Switch has not built-in invite system which also contributes to the problem. You’ll be a loner when playing online on Nintendo Switch.

On a related subject, an update was released recently for the game that made improvements with shooting and goalkeepers. One of the major issues players have reported in the past few days is easy goalscoring. The goalkeeper is easy to go past compared to last year’s game

FIFA 18 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and other platforms.

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