EA Denies Blaming Halo Infinite’s Success For Battlefield 2042’s Troubles

Electronic Arts (EA) has denied that it ever held Halo Infinite responsible for generating negative feedback around Battlefield 2042.

Electronic Arts (EA) has denied a recent report which claimed the publisher to be holding Halo Infinite responsible for creating negative feedback around Battlefield 2042 following its troubled launch.

In a statement issued to PC Gamer earlier today, communications vice president John Reseburg stated that the said report was inaccurate and that EA was not pointing fingers at either Halo Infinite or any other game for that matter.

“These stories are not accurately capturing the discussion and the context, which was an in-depth and very humble internal conversation about the recent Battlefield launch,” said Reseburg. “It was about key learnings and actions we are taking, not blaming external factors.”

EA held an internal meeting call a couple of days back where chief studios officer Laura Miele led a discussion over what went wrong with Battlefield 2042.

Miele reportedly stated that Battlefield 2042 received favorable mock reviews prior to release but problems arose afterwards when players started making comparisons with Halo Infinite which had a highly polished and bug-free multiplayer.

Miele also stated that most of the poor Steam reviews were because the players were using low-grace PC hardware, which further played a part in creating a negative perception around Battlefield 2042.

Regardless of whether EA blamed external factors or not, the fact is that Battlefield 2042 was released only a few months back and is currently fighting for its life. The game has been losing players at an alarming rate and at present is average around 2,000 players a day on Steam.

The first season has already been delayed by several months. The biggest challenge for developer DICE right now is not to fix Battlefield 2042 but to bring back all of the players when the first season finally goes live.

Elsewhere, an online petition blaming EA for false advertisement and asking for a full refund across all platforms has surpassed 200,000 signatures.

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