Future EA Games May Automatically Enable Color Blind Mode

In a bid to make its games more accessible, publisher Electronic Arts (EA) wants a color blind mode to be enabled without players even noticing.

According to a new published patent from last week, EA has been looking into a system which can be designed to identify if the player is color blind or not, and hence, automatically enabling a color blind mode in the case of the former.

EA points out that a “virtual environment” can be configured to perform a series of color tests to determine if a color blind mode needs to be enabled. The said virtual environment can be anything. The patent quotes examples where there can be a dedicated closed-off testing phase before the start of a game, or an interactive narrative which can be part of the intro or tutorial phase.

In either case, EA notes that its patent gameplay system will guide the player “to interact with one or more sets of virtual color blindness indication objects.” The results will confirm if the player is indeed color blind and if so, automatically enable a color blind mode for the rest of the game.

EA also understands that there are different types of color blindness and its series of color tests will be able to determine in which category a player falls in. That will further help to enable a color blind mode best suited for the respective category.

Virtual color blindness indication objects containing colors that are visibly distinguishable within a single dichromatic visual spectrum can be utilized in objectives to determine a user’s dichromatic visual deficiency type.

EA has always supported accessibility options in its games, particularly for color blindness. From all of the recent Battlefield games to the Star Wars: Battlefront games to the recent Need for Speed: Heat to the Titanfall games to the FIFA franchise and more. It goes without saying that a system where games can adapt automatically to color blind players is something which all developers and publishers should standardize in the near future.

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