EA Might Be Announcing A New Studio Called Cliffhanger Games

Electronic Arts (EA) appears to be opening up another development studio called Cliffhanger Games to add to its list of worldwide subsidiaries.

The publishing giant was spotted earlier today (via TheGamePost) to have filed a trademark for Cliffhanger Games last week under the classification of downloadable games, design and development of games, and entertainment services. The name alone suggests the trademark to be for a new studio and not an intellectual property or a new game in an existing EA-owned franchise.

Since a trademark has already been filed, EA can be expected to make a formal announcement in the coming months to confirm for what purpose Cliffhanger Games is opening its doors and the leadership taking charge.

EA acquired racing-specialist developer Codemasters in February 2021 for $1.2 billion. EA also founded a new unnamed development studio in May 2021 under the leadership of Kevin Stephens, former head and vice president of Monolith Productions, to create a new open-world action-adventure game.

More recently, EA renamed developer DICE Los Angeles to Ripple Effect Studios in July 2021 to oversee Battlefield 2042 as well as a new independent project with Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella.

Cliffhanger Games may as well be another name to stand under the EA corporate umbrella to explore new genres and create new intellectual properties with an aim to jump over the next-generation bar of current-generation gamers.

Elsewhere, EA continues to pave way for the highly anticipated release of Battlefield 2042, which is expected to mark a great return of the franchise to modern-day warfare. That being said, there may already be a chink in the armor since cheats are reportedly already being sold for Battlefield 2042 ahead of launch. EA has not issued a statement on what anti-cheat measures the game will be sporting but it goes without saying there just has to be a robust solution to ensure a clean playing field.

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