EA Wants An Automated Player-Sponsoring System

The rise of esports has convinced publisher Electronic Arts (EA) to take the first step in establishing a new kind of sponsorship program.

According to a recently discovered patent from earlier today, EA wants to make use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in general to create a system which can automatically find players worthy of sponsoring.

The filing notes that surging competitiveness in online multiplayer games has given birth to a number of platforms where players record and share their gameplay sessions. While such players are not required to be professionals, just skilled, companies looking to invest in or sponsor players need to first devise a way to locate players based on criteria. The system proposed by EA takes all such criteria into account and better yet, makes the entire process automated.

The patented player-sponsoring system begins by searching for players based on a defined list of sponsorship criteria. Once a player has been located, their gameplay data is collected for further analysis. The system then automatically lists sponsorship options or recommendations based on the located player. These are then sent to the player in question and as such, an advertisement placement can be approved for showing in their gameplay sessions.

The patented player-sponsoring system furthermore keeps track of the gameplay sessions and performance metrics based on audience. Hence, making it fairly easy for EA or any other publisher to send out rewards to the player in light of their advertisement reception.

Upon a match based at least in part on stored sponsorship criteria and/or player preferences, a first sponsor can select a set of players to receive permission to select an advertisement associated with the first sponsor.

Once a first player of the selected players selects an advertisement and an advertisement placement location associated with the first sponsor, the sponsor matching system can generate game rendering instructions.

It is true that finding sponsors can be difficult for players. There are several notable players out there who are streaming every day but are not part of any esports organization. For a system like the one proposed by EA to be in place, the job of matching players and sponsors can become easier. Most importantly though, due to the process being easier and efficient, even lower tier players being sponsored will eventually help boost the entire esports community in general.

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