Reddit Is Done With EA and BioWare, “Anthem Is a Scam”

EA Anthem is a scam and not a game, according to Reddit. Fans seem to be done with it as multiple threads are asking for refunds from BioWare.

“Anthem is a scam and Reddit wants its money back. There are multiple threads on Reddit at the time of this writing. Fans are not only asking for refunds but also calling out EA/BioWare for scamming.  Anthem is less of a video game and more of a scam, according to Reddit.

However, nothing will help Anthem players get a refund thanks to Anthem’s iron clad digital agreement which every player must sign in order to play. Anthem is using a Gaas model (games as a service) and since you signed a digital agreement you must abide by it. According to EA’s digital agreement, the company has the right to change its service or even shut down Anthem’s live servers any time without repercussions.

You can challenge EA and BioWare in court, however, no lawyer will take individual cases. To take on EA and get your money back you need a class action lawsuit and gather thousands of people. Still, it will cost you more than $60 to get your $60 back from EA.

The best course of action at this point is to take this as a lesson and make sure you don’t pre-order EA games. EA falsely advertised Anthem knowing full well this is not the final product or even close to what the actual game is. The Anthem demo showed at E3 2017 was a fake.

Fans over at Reddit also opened up discussions about console refund policies that are so strict that it is near impossible to get a refund. EA and BioWare are currently hiding behind Sony’s refund policy to avoid refunding Anthem on PS4. Even if you have just downloaded the game from PlayStation Store, Sony won’t refund your money as it violates its policy.

EA’s Anthem released in early access a couple of months ago and since then it has proved to be a complete disaster. BioWare delayed Anthem’s roadmap which triggered outrage and left even the most hardcore BioWare supporters disappointed. However, the final nail in Anthem’s coffin is EA moving lead developers from Anthem to Dragon Age 4.

BioWare released Anthem via EA Access a couple of months ago with the promise of fixing the game. Since its EA Access release, not a single promise is kept so understandably the community has had enough. According to an unofficial survey, a large amount of Anthem players have left which is evident by the fact that matchmaking takes longer as there aren’t enough players on the servers.

At this rate, if drastic changes aren’t made Anthem’s servers might not be live for long. Supporting a live service video game costs money and if engagement rates drop, it doesn’t make business sense to keep supporting Anthem.

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