E3 2020 Pitch Document Reveals a Shift Toward Influencers and Celebrities

Change of director for next year’s E3 is proposed. The Entertainment Software Association is considering plans for a refreshing look for E3 2020. The long-running event will focus more on consumers, media, and influencers.

The document came to light earlier today thanks to GameDaily.Biz. The pitch document reveals plans for E3 2020 that is now a “fan, media, and influencers festival.”

The key features for next year’s event are more involvement from celebrities, fans, and influencers. The move, we think, is a way to counter publishers leaving ESA to create their own shows.

Sony, the once main attraction of E3, didn’t show up this year. Sony Interactive Entertainment is now more focused on its own show/presentation, PlayStation Experience. Sony hosts the show during the first week of December. Meanwhile, EA has already moved out of E3 and hosts EA PLAY a few days prior to E3.

While Sony, Microsoft, and other publishers aren’t leaving the show entirely, their interest has certainly dwindled over the years.

Additionally, for next year the ESA has approved 10,000 additional badges for fans. The total number of badges available goes up to 25,000 for E3 2020. This puts an extra burden on the show but they plan to manage this by allowing attendees to book time slots for specific games via a digital app.

The digital app would help reduce wait times and the pitch document also mentioned something called “queuetainment” which means direct marketing opportunities aimed at attendees when they stand in line.

E3 2020 kicks off June 9 and will end most of its festivities on June 11. Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Bethesda, and others are so far confirmed to be part of the show.

However, anyone of these companies may drop out in the coming months. Next year’s event is expected to be huge especially considering next-gen consoles will appear.

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