Dynasty Warriors 9 Gold and XP Farming Guide

Dynasty Warriors 9 Gold and XP Farming guide will help you farm a massive amount of Gold and XP by different means in the game. There are quite a few methods of farming Gold and XP simultaneously which is what our Farming Guide is all about!

Dynasty Warriors 9 Gold and XP Farming

Farming Gold/XP DW 9 is fairly simple IF you know where to start! Gold not only helps you in acquiring Scrolls and other goodies from Merchants but you also need it to decorate your Hideaways.

You can check out our Dynasty Warriors 9 Beginners Guide to learn more about Hideaways and other things.

Bandit Gold/XP

Bandits can be found all over the world but you need to kill Bandit Chiefs and Bandit Leaders who will give worthy loot. Bandits travel in groups so if you find one, finding the rest should not be too difficult.

We recommend heading over to the east side of Poyang to increase your chances of finding them. By killing them, you will rack up a huge amount of XP and rare gear that you should be able to sell for around 3,000–6,000 Gold.

In addition to this, we also recommend investing in Explosive Arrows as they make the process a whole lot easier due to their AOE. Apart from this, some other means of farming Gold/XP include:

Fishing And Hunting

Fishing in Dynasty Warriors 9 can be very rewarding. In order to start, you will require bait that can be found in Guangling. Once you have everything that you need, you need to head over to the Guangling Port and fish for Gold Yibigian. Aside from it, try to head over to the Gaungling Northern Camp and fish Gold Bubi.

These should allow you to sell them for some decent Gold. Finally, you can shoot wildlife with Poison Arrows which will not only prevent wildlife from attacking you but will also provide you with some decent XP gains.

There is an Item Hotspot that you can make use of when fishing; You need ultimate bait for this. Head to Luoyang and go to the moat from within the area. Here, you get several other items rather than just fish. These items are used then to sell for profit. You’ll find that the Gorgeous Saddle can be acquired which sells for about 7500.

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