Dynasty Warriors 9 Bonding Guide

Open-world for Dynasty Warriors 9 means a lot more to do than just slashing away at the enemy and one of the features that were around many of the installments but has received many upgrades to it, is how the Dynasty Warriors 9 Bonding with Officers system work in the game.

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Dynasty Warriors 9 Bonding

For those unfamiliar, bonding with the main characters of the story, called Officers, will help the player unlock a lot of collectibles like the gallery of different characters and bodyguard skills from the previous installments. But most importantly, the Dynasty Warriors 9 Bonding Guide is for those of you who are glory-hunting for Trophies/Achievements and can get one Trophy/Achievement out of this whole business, titled ‘The Ties That Bind Us’.

Firstly, a tip: you are advised to fast-travel to major cities after each chapter to avoid missing up on certain Officers who may end up dead as the story progresses. This will obviously eliminate all chances of completing that list of bonding with 20 different Officers and will ultimately prevent you from getting ‘The Ties That Bind Us’ Trophy/Achievement.

Secondly, you would need to purchase two Hideaways that allow you to fast travel around the map and will automatically respawn the Officers who you can talk to for increased Bonding Level. However, before you do that it is important to follow a certain procedure to avoid glitches and other inconsistencies in the game. The process is as follows:

Send a letter to one of the available Officers from the first Hideaway. Travel to the second Hideaway and you will see that Officer spawning (a blue blip on the mini-map) and eventually make their way from outside the Hideaway and enter in.

Simply talk to them and your Bonding Level with that Officer will go up considerably. Repeat this simple process of sending letters, traveling between the next hideout, and talking to the Officer to get your hands on that Trophy/Achievement!

Also, worthy of note, however, is that a glitch may appear as reported by players during this process. Once the player travels between Hideaways, there is a slight possibility of an error that a player may encounter a different Officer as opposed to the one the player may have sent the letter to.

To correct this mistake, simply travel to a bonfire nearby and advance time. Traveling to one of the Hideaways again will result in the desired Officer to appear and then the process can be continued thereafter. If the problem still persists, then simply re-send the letter to the Officer you’re willing to bond with.

Increasing Bonding Level for all 20 Officers can be tedious and sometimes riddled with glitches but keeping the above-mentioned Dynasty Warriors 9 Bonding Tips in the head will definitely ease your way to achieving that silverware and add that to your collection.

This is all we have in our Dynasty Warriors 9 Bonding Guide. Don’t forget to check out our Beginners Guide to get started with the game.

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