Dynasty Warriors 8 Materials Locations and Farming Guide

To succeed and dominate in the Skirmish battles of Dynasty Warriors 8, you will need Materials.

There are several ways you can gather these materials are fastest among those are – get barracks quickly, send troops to weapons material province, rush the materials missions; try to hit every crate, jar and kill every officer.

If that doesn’t work, convert all weapon materials to facility materials and focus all buildings on barracks.

Once you have your barracks at level 50, try sending troops to the last weapons province and make sure you spend 10K on each mission. By doing so, you will ensure on average, 11 weapon materials, a weapon, an animal and an officer in each run.

You can easily convert those 11 weapons materials to 22 facility materials at the market which will help you level up your buildings.

Alternatively, you can level up the stables. At level 50, feeding at stables on average will net you 5-6 materials – they can either be weapon or facility materials.

Just make sure you do not level up your market until you have leveled up all other buildings and have enough materials to fully level up the market.

If you end up leveling up the market before upgrading other buildings, the weapon to facility materials conversion ratio will drop from 2-1 to 1-1. (Two for one, One for One).

If you are looking for other ways to gather the materials, you can search around the areas marked with dots. Note that all the items are not marked yet. Red dots represent the items which are always there, whereas the purple ones are only spawned if there is activity nearby.

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