Dynasty Warriors 7 Weapons Guide

The Dynasty Warrior games have been infamous when it comes to giving a generous amount of selectable weapons to available to the generous amount of playable characters. The seventh installment in the series is no different. If anything, the weapons system in Dynasty Warriors 7 has been enhanced with some new features added to it. Let’s look at what the weapon system has to offer.

Dynasty Warriors 7 Weapons

First off, each player can equip two weapons, either the same or different types, and can switch them at will – even during combat. Different weapons can be either obtained from defeated enemies, bought from merchants or can be crafted by a blacksmith.

Some weapons also have gender limitations, such as harps etc for certain characters are exclusively for females. Moreover, weapons also have expertise levels (discussed later in detail in the article), which indicate how comfortable a certain character is with the respective weapon type.

A weapon with low expertise level for a certain character means that that character will not be able to wield that given weapon comfortably or efficiently.

Weapon Levels
The quality and strength of the weapons that you find depends on the difficulty level of the game or the stage. The statistics of the weapons when dropped are randomly generated, much like in the Diablo games and in Titan Quest.

However, the quality of the weapons depends on the weapon tier, which varies according to the difficulty of the game and stage. That means that playing on a harder level as well playing on a higher difficulty will reward the player with higher tier weapons.

Switch Attacks
During combat, if a player switches between weapons a switch attack will occur, which is a special type of attack executed in the process of the weapon switch. The attack along with its effects depends upon the weapon that has been switched to.

For example if a player switches from an arbitrary weapon to a Sword, the switch attack will be a strike with the Sword with a burst of wind.

Weapon Seals
Certain weapons have Seals on them, which may not be visible or known initially but can be ‘unlocked’ by using the weapon extensively. These Seals provide passive bonuses for the weapon as stats or elements. The higher-end weapons have stronger and possibly multiple seals.

Musou Attacks
Musou attacks are attacks which are specific to a character and his EX weapon. Each character in DW7 is granted 2 Musou attacks. The Musou attack is done only with an EX weapon. So regardless of which weapon you have equipped, while performing a Musou attack the character will automatically switch to his EX weapon for the entire duration of the attack. Musou attacks have different variations such as ground Musous, air Musous etcetera.

Weapons Skills
Each weapon comes with a learn-able skill. If a character uses that weapon extensively he/she will be able to learn the skill when the skill points’ gauge is full.

Weapon Types

List of the categorization and types of weapons available in Dynasty Warriors 7. All of the weapons can equip a special element that can fall into one of the following five types:

  • Fire – Engulfs enemies in flame, dealing gradual damage
  • Ice – Freezes opponents and their movements
  • Lightning – Stuns foes, deals great physical damage to stronger ones
  • Wind – Breaks through enemy’s guard, deals great physical damage to stronger foes
  • Slay – Instantly kills weaker enemies, deals great physical damage to stronger foes


  • Sword
  • Cutlass
  • Rapier
  • Sword & Shield
  • Dual Swords
  • Flying Swords
  • Greatsword

Pole Arms

  • Spear
  • Halberd
  • Pike
  • Lance
  • Double-Ended Blade

Heavy Weapons

  • Dual Halberds
  • Dual Rods
  • Flail
  • Club
  • Axe
  • Gauntlets

Martial Weapons

  • Tonfa
  • Wheels
  • Bo Staff
  • Iron Fans
  • Claws
  • Chain & Sickle
  • Nunchaku
  • Bladed Yo-Yo
  • Whip

Ranged Weapons

  • Bow
  • Crossbow
  • Throwing Daggers
  • Arm Cannon*

Magic Weapons

  • Staff
  • Strategist Fan
  • Magic Brush
  • Flute
  • Harp

Each character is given a compatibility rating with every weapon type available. These are ranked by gold-colored stars that have an impact on a character’s preference, with one being the lowest and three being the highest.

Wielding weapons with only one-star will result in slower hits less damage dealt and prone to more interruptions from enemy attacks. The two-star weapon has no adverse or beneficial effects. Equipping a three-star weapon allows you to perform special maneuvers in battle.

Almost all characters start out with empty star slots for each type of weapon they happen to excel at. These slots are filled up by learning new skills that raise power and speed. The amount of stats required to reach the next star is different for each weapon.

Weapon Type  Notes Compatibility
Two-Star Three-Star
Spear Power Weapons focused on strength and dependant on the power stat of the character. Also, a three star compatibility leads to the player producing whirlwinds when attacking as well as increasing the damage output and range. 30 60
Pike Power 20 50
Double Voulge Power 40 70
Flail Power 40 70
Club Power 40 70
Gloves Power 50 80
Hailberd Power 70 100
Twin Axes Power 20 50
Lance Power 50 80
Twin Rods Power 10 40
Axe Power 30 60
Tonfa Power 20 50
Crossbow Power 30 60
Brush Power 40 70
Dagger Axe Power 30 60
Bomb Power 20 80
Short Pike Power 10 40
Mace Power 10 40
Great Axe Power 10 40
Spiked Shield Power 10 40
Arm Blade Power 10 40
Circle Blade Power 10 40
Arm Canon Power 50 80
Great Sword Power 60 90
Sword Speed Weapons focused on combos and utilize a character’s speed stat. Three star compatibility leads to a user performing an air dash in the middle od an attack or when jumping/leaping upwords. 10 40
Rapier Speed 10 40
War Fan Speed 40 70
Twin Swords Speed 10 40
Chain and Sickle Speed 40 70
Nunchaku Speed 40 70
Staff Speed 40 70
Bow Speed 30 60
Shaman Rod Speed 50 80
Iron Fan Speed 50 80
Sword & Shiled Speed 30 80
Flying Swords Speed 60 60
Curved Sword Speed 40 90
Claws Speed 10 70
Wheels Speed 20 40
Chain Whip Speed 60 50
Spinner Speed 20 90
Flute Speed 30 50
Harp Speed 20 60
Pugil Stick Speed 10 50
Lightning Sword Speed 10 40
Boomerang Speed 10 40
Orb & Scepter Speed 30 60
Trishula Speed 30 60
Throwing Knives Speed 30 60

Special Weapons
Each character has a special weapon that he or she can obtain from a specific hex in Conquest Mode (see Conquest Mode guide).
Remaining Special Weapons on the Next Page.

These weapons are the highest tier type and come with high-end stats and seals, and also bear a unique and individual look.

EX Weapons
Every character is given a weapon type they are adept with. These weapons are called the EX weapons and are identified by the EX mark in front of them. If a character is actively wielding the EX weapon type he/she will acquire an additional combo step with that weapon which will be unique to that character.

Below is a list of EX Weapons for each player, categorized according to the kingdom/area they belong to.

Wei Kingdom

  • Xiahou Dun (Sword)
  • Dian Wei (Axe)
  • Xu Zhu (Club)
  • Cao Cao (Sword)
  • Xiahou Yuan (Bow)
  • Zhang Liao (Dual Halberds)
  • Sima Yi (Strategist Fan)
  • Xu Huang (Pike)
  • Zhang He (Claws)
  • Zhen Ji (Flute)
  • Cao Ren (Flail)
  • Cao Pi (Dual Sword)
  • Cai Wenji (Harp)
  • Jia Xu (Chain & Sickle)

Wu Kingdom

  • Zhou Yu (Bo Staff)
  • Lu Xun (Dual Swords)
  • Taishi Ci (Dual Rods)
  • Sun Shang Xiang (Wheels)
  • Sun Jian (Sword)
  • Sun Quan (Sword)
  • Lu Meng (Pike)
  • Gan Ning (Chain & Sickle)
  • Huang Gai (Club)
  • Sun Ce (Tonfa)
  • Da Qiao (Iron Fans)
  • Xiao Qiao (Iron Fans)
  • Zhou Tai (Cutlass)
  • Ling Tong (Nunchaku)
  • Ding Feng (Gauntlets)
  • Lian Shi (Crossbow)

Shu Kingdom

  • Zhao Yun (Spear)
  • Guan Yu (Pike)
  • Zhang Fei (Double-Ended Blade)
  • Zhuge Liang (Strategist Fan)
  • Liu Bei (Dual Swords)
  • Ma Chao (Spear)
  • Huang Zhong (Bow)
  • Jiang Wei (Spear)
  • Wei Yan (Double-Ended Blade)
  • Pang Tong (Staff)
  • Yue Ying (Bo Staff)
  • Guan Ping (Greatsword)
  • Xing Cai (Sword and Shield)
  • Bao Sanniang (Bladed Yo-Yo)
  • Ma Dai (Paintbrush)
  • Liu Shan (Rapier)
  • Guan Suo (Nunchaku)

Jin Dynasty

  • Sima Yi (Strategist Fan)
  • Sima Shi (Rapier)
  • Sima Zhao (Sword)
  • Zhuge Dan (Strategist Fan)
  • Wang Yuanji (Throwing Daggers)
  • Deng Ai (Lance)
  • Zhong Hui (Flying Swords)
  • Guo Huai (Arm Cannon)
  • Xiahou Ba (Greatsword)


  • Lu Bu (Halberd)
  • Diao Chan (Whip)
  • Dong Zhuo (Flail)
  • Yuan Shao (Rapier)
  • Zhang Jiao (Staff)
  • Meng Huo (Gauntlets)
  • Zhu Rong (Throwing Daggers)

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