Dynasty Warriors 7 Characters Guide

The western release of the 7th installment of the Dynasty Warriors series is not too far from now, and we’re anticipating yet another entertaining hack and slash based game. Today we’ll introduce you to the new playable characters of Dynasty Warriors 7, along with letting you know which characters from the previous DW games are making reappearances in this latest addition to the series.

The DW series consisted of a generous amount of characters – they consisted of up to 48 playable characters. That number is set to increase as the number of playable characters in DW7 amps up to 62.

The majority of the characters were real figures in the Three Kingdoms era of China, but some possibly fictional characters have also been taken from the classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Let’s have a look at the newer characters and the list of recurring characters separately.

Dynasty Warriors 7 Characters

All the new characters Dynasty Warriors 7 introduced are given below:

Sima Zhao (Zishang): Sima Zhao is the second son of Sima Yi. He assumed authority in Wei after his elder brother’s death. He is also the father of Sima Yan, the emperor who would go on to eventually unify the Three Kingdoms under the Jin Dynasty.

Zhao’s main weapon is the Dao Blade, a type of saber.

Sima Shi (Ziyuan): Sima Shi is the oldest son of Sima Yi. He had had an eye surgery done due to a certain eye disorder. Initially Sima Shi was reluctant to lead the army, and requested his uncle to do so, but after being urged by Zhong Hui and Fu Jia, he led troops himself. He eventually lost his defected eye in one of the battles and died less than a month afterwards, and was eventually succeeded by Sima Zhao.

Sima Shi’s main weapon is a Rapier.

Bao Sanniang: Bao Sanniang is a fictional female character. She is the wife of Guan Yu’s third fictional son, Guan Suo, and will fight alongside him in the battlefield.

Her main weapon is a bladed yo-yo.

Wang Yuanji: Wang Yuanji is the wife of Sima Zhao, and the mother of Sima Yan. She is highlighted for successfully predicting Zhong Hui’s rebellion.

Wang Yuanji’s main weapon is a fan of daggers.

Zhuge Dan (Gongxiu): Zhuge Dan is the cousin of Zhuge Liang, but serves the Wei kingdom, unlike his cousin. He tried to rebel against Sima Zhao, but eventually failed.

Zhuge Dan’s main weapon, like Zhuge Liang, is a Feather Fan.

Ma Dai: Ma Dai is the cousin of Ma Chao. He is credited for stopping Wei Yan’s revolt after the Battle of Wuzhang Plains.

Ma’s primary weapon is a huge type of ink brush, called the Magic Brush.

Guo Huai (Boji): Guo Huai is a Wei general who rose through all the previous ranks during Cao Pei’s reign. He is famous for defeating the rebellious Qiang and Di tribes many times. He has also successfully defended Wei from Jiang Wei’s attacks on numerous occasions.

Guo’s primary weapon is a Hand Cannon.

Zhong Hui (Shiji): Zhong Hui is a Wei general who, after the fall of Shu, attempts to rebel against Wei alongside Jiang Wei. Both of them however fail to do so and are eventually killed.

Zhong’s primary weapons are Floating Swords.

Deng Ai (Shizai): Deng Ai is a Wei general who spent most of his time defending his kingdom from Jiang Wei. Deng participates in the invasion of Shu with Zhong Hui, who he later on collaborates with to revive Shu. However, both Zhong Hui and Liang Wei defame Deng and order Wei Guan to capture him. Later on both Zhong Hui and Liang are killed, and Wei Guan decides to kill Deng Ai and his son Deng Zhong, in fear that they might take revenge if released or freed.

Deng Ai uses a Drill Spear as his primary weapon.

Ding Feng (Chengyuan): Ding Feng is a Wu general who initially served under Gan Ning. He attains fame later in his career after slaying the Wei general Zhang Liao. He served four rulers of Wu during his lifetime. He is also known to have several clashes with Zhuge Dan.

Feng wields the Claw Knuckle as his primary weapon.

Jia Xu (Wenhe): Jia Xu is a skilled strategist and advisor to Cao Cao.

He later went to Zhang Xiu where he would trap Cao Cao. Eventually he ended up becoming a Wei advisor. Jia Xu’s main weapon is called the Chain Sickle.

Liu Chan (Gongsi): Liu Chan is the son of Liu Bei. He is also the next emperor of Shu.

Liu Chan’s main weapon is the Rapier.

Xiahou Ba (Zhonquan): Xiahou Ban is the son of Xiahou Yuan. After Sima Yi expelled Cao Shuang from power in a coupe d’état, Xiahou Ban decided to defect from Wei to Shu. He becomes General of Chariot and Cavalry in Shu and fights alongside Jiang Wei.

His primary weapon is the Great Sword.

Lian Shi: Lian Shi is more famously known as Lady Bu. She is Sun Quan’s most beloved and affectionate concubine, and is renowned for her faithful, courteous and non-jealous personality.

Her main weapon is a Bow Gun.

Guan Sho: Guan Sho is the fictional third son of Guan Yu. He is famous for his feats during the Nanman campaign.

According to some legends he got married to Bao Sanniang. His main weapon is a Nunchaku.

Returning Characters
Here is a list of the returning characters from the previous Dynasty Warriors game along with the weapons they shall be wielding.

Liu Bei (Xuande) – Main Weapon: Twin Swords
Guan Yu (Yunchang) – Main Weapon: Halberd
Zhang Fei (Yide) – Main Weapon: Double-Edged Spear
Zhao Yun (Zilong) – Main Weapon: Spear
Ma Chao (Mengqi) – Main Weapon: Spear
Huang Zhong (Hansheng) – Main Weapon: Bow
Zhuge Liang (Kongming) – Main Weapon: Feather Fan
Jiang Wei (Boyue) – Main Weapon: Spear
Pang Tong (Shiyuan) – Main Weapon: Monk Staff *NEW*
Wei Yan (Wenchang) – Main Weapon: Double-Edged Spear *NEW*
Guan Ping – Main Weapon: Great Sword
Yue Ying – Main Weapon: Bo Staff
Xing Cai – Main Weapon: Sword & Shield
Cao Cao (Mengde) – Main Weapon: Blade
Cao Pi (Zihuan) – Main Weapon: Twin Swords
Cao Ren (Zixiao) – Main Weapon: Chain Mace
Xiahou Dun (Yuanrang) – Main Weapon: Blade
Xiahou Yuan (Miaocai) – Main Weapon: Bow
Dian Wei – Main Weapon: Axe
Zhang Liao (Wenyuan) – Main Weapon: Twin Halberds
Zhang He (Junyi) – Main Weapon: Claws
Xu Zhu (Zhongkang) – Main Weapon: Club
Xu Huang (Gongming) – Main Weapon: Halberd
Zhen Ji – Main Weapon: Flute
Cai Wen Ji – Main Weapon: Harp
Sima Yi (Zhongda) – Main Weapon: Feather Fan (Yes, now he’s in Jin)
Sun Jian (Wentai) – Main Weapon: Blade
Sun Ce (Bofu) – Main Weapon: Tonfa
Sun Quan (Zhongmou) – Main Weapon: Blade
Sun Shang Xiang – Main Weapon: Chakram
Zhou Yu (Gongjin) – Main Weapon: Bo Staff
Lu Xun (Boyan) – Main Weapon: Twin Swords
Lu Meng (Ziming) – Main Weapon: Halberd
Ling Tong (Gongji) – Main Weapon: Nunchaku
Zhou Tai (Youping) – Main Weapon: Katana
Taishi Ci (Ziyi) – Main Weapon: Twin Rods
Gan Ning (Xingba) – Main Weapon: Chained Sickle *NEW*
Huang Gai (Gongfu) – Main Weapon: Club *NEW*
Da Qiao – Main Weapon: Folding Fan
Xiao Qiao – Main Weapon: Folding Fan
Zhang Jiao – Main Weapon: Monk Staff
Meng Huo – Main Weapon: Claw Knuckle
Zhu Rong – Main Weapon: Throwing Daggers
Yuan Shao (Benchu) – Main Weapon: Rapier
Dong Zhuo (Zhongying) – Main Weapon: Chain Mace
Lu Bu (Fengxian) – Main Weapon: Crescent Halberd
Diao Chan – Main Weapon: Chain Whip *NEW*
Chen Gong – Main Weapon: Bamboo Scroll
Hua Xiong – Main Weapon: Club
Huche’er (Non-Playable) – Main Weapon: Spear

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