Dying Light: Scream In Your Mic To Attract Zombies

Techland’s upcoming zombie title Dying Light is going to feature some massive differences between both generation of consoles, notably in visual fidelity. But did you know that on the next-gen consoles you’ll also be able to attract the attention of nearby zombies by simply screaming into your headset’s mic?

The interesting feature was revealed by producer Tymon Smektala in a recent interview with Otaku Dome; where he also laid out the other aspects you should expect on the next-gen consoles.

“If you play the game on PC or next-gen consoles, you’ll get the benefit of some additional features making the whole thing even better,” he said. “We’ve talked about some of them already – like the fact that you can draw zombies to your location by screaming to your headset. It works wonders in co-op!

“Gameplay-wise it’s the same – you should get the same experience and the same emotions whether you play the game on Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 or PC. Of course, on some platforms it will look much better, but the overall experience should be the same.

“It’s a hard task for the dev team – two factors that influence our game most are the number of zombies on screen and the fluidity of movement. To keep them intact on all the platforms you have to be an optimization wizard – but our plan is to do everything it takes not to sacrifice the gameplay.”

While the ability to call out the undead using your mic seems a fun thing to do, it has to be asked if playing Dying Light in a noisy room would make that feature a bit annoying.

Dying Light currently has no release date but we could be hearing from publisher Warner Bros. in the coming months. The game is in development for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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