Dying Light: Platinum Edition Features 17 Skin Bundles With 4 Major DLC

It appears that developer Techland will be re-releasing the first zombie-infested game in the coming days through Dying Light: Platinum Edition.

The new Dying Light: Platinum Edition was accidentally listed on the Microsoft Store earlier today before being removed. The said edition bundles all previously released expansions and add-on packs for the “fullest [and] richest” post-apocalyptical experience, according to the now removed description.

Take note that there is already a Dying Light: Anniversary Edition available for purchase which bundles all previously released content. The leaked Dying Light: Platinum Edition differs by bundling 17 skin bundles and hence stands for a more cosmetic-focused approach for players interested in dressing up.

Dying Light: Platinum Edition will be releasing on May 27, 2021, based on the leaked Microsoft Store listing. Techland should therefore be making an announcement fairly soon. It would be likely that the new edition will be priced $39.99 which is the same as the previously released anniversary edition.

That being said, fans of the franchise are likely more interested in the long-delayed Dying Light 2 instead of a re-release. Last month, a new trademark suggested that the in-development sequel will be titled Dying Light 2: Stay Human but which may as well be the title of a post-release content pack.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Techland teased an announcement to arrive for the sequel soon. Such teasers however have arrived before as well without any significant reveals.

Techland was recently reported to be a highly toxic and poorly managed workplace which has been a major reason why Dying Light 2 remains unfinished to date. Techland responded to the allegations by stating it was unaware of any such issues and will be conducting an internal investigation into the matter.

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