Dying Light Flags Locations Guide – Slums and Old Town

Dying Light Flags locations to find and capture difficult to access flags in the game to earn agility bonus and 100 percent completion.

Unlike collectibles like Notes or Battle Journals which only provide you a brief introduction of NPCs and advice on how to play the game in an effective manner, collecting Flags provides a more fruitful reward.

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Dying Light Flags Locations

Like the name suggests, Flags are hang up in secluded and tall places scattered around the land of Harran. Players must be familiar with parkour and climbing skills in case they wish to get all the Flags that can be found in the game.

For each successful capture, players receive a small Agility XP bonus which allows them to receive Agility Perks and make this challenge a tad easier with each captured Flag.

There are a total of 30 Flags that can be captured in Dying Light, 15 of which are located in Slums and the other 15 can be found in Old Town.

Do note that 2 of the Flags can only be accessed via the Portal to the Slums Antenna area. Check out the videos provided for locations of all Flags that can be found in Dying Light:

Dying Light Flags Locations – Slums Par#1

Dying Light Flags Locations – Slums Par#2

Dying Light Flags Locations – Old Town

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