Dying Light Enjoys 1.2 Million Unique Players in First Week

Dying Light is boasting 1.2 million unique players in its first week of release. It is not yet clear how many copies of the game have been purchased following last week’s release, but despite this, the number of unique players is said to be accurate.

Having been compared to Mirror’s Edge and Dead Island, the first person zombie survival game was already set to be a success. Its virtuous graphics and innovative gameplay is a key to the saturated genre. Set in the city of Harran, Turkey, the player must utilise their parkour skills to survive. You must make the most of basic supply crates air dropping in medication that stops, just briefly, the zombie infection taking over your character.

Resourcefulness, speed, and an eye on the time are required to survive as the zombies are energized in darkness, making even deadlier foes. Littered and destroyed street, the home of skilfully generated AI zombies and beautiful metropolitan vistas provide the backdrop to a suspenseful game riddled with clichéd and conventional narrative.

The parkour system breaks the monotony of the story to allow the player to truly interact with the beautifully designed city. It provides the basis of the fighting system while weapon crafting eases the experience with destructive discovery. It is a rewards based system which advances the player’s possibilities as they progress through the game.

The co-op has also been a considerable feature, especially for those able to play as the Night hunter from pre-ordering the game. However, when both playing as a human, the experience is somewhat tarnished by having two Kyle Cranes in the game.

Dying Light has received great reviews from critics, although its main concern lies in the narrative, which as discussed, has been considered the weaker aspect by many.

Source: PSLS

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