Dying Light 2 Won’t Release Until Fall 2019?

Dying Light 2 release date is set beyond E3 2019 as new info points to a Fall 2019 release for the post-apocolytpic zombie game.

In a public recent tweet, Techland has officially confirmed that Dying Light 2 will be showcased at E3, suggesting that the game’s release date would be set beyond Summer 2019. Dying Light 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to Dying Light, a post-apocalyptic game that combined zombies with free-running.

Here’s the tweet that Techland make to bring us the good news:

This is great to hear, especially considering how we know nothing about Dying Light 2 as of right now. E3 is sure to give us a comprehensive look at the game, hopefully not enough to spoil the game for us at least. The appearance at E3 shuts down rumors that the game will release prior to E3 2019. It seems the release date is set somewhere in the final half of 2019. The E3 2019 trailer would surely reveal the Dying Light 2 release date.

All we have on the game other than this tweet is that the grappling hook will be making a return from the first game.

Will the story still be following Kyle Crane from the first game? The last we saw him he was taking out Reis atop the construction tower of the slums. However, it already confirmed that his story will not be the focus on Dying Light 2.

Moreover, we do know that the game will be receiving active multiplayer support throughout its post-launch lifetime. This is something we can be sure of from Techland since Dying Light 1 has been receiving updates to this day. You can rest assured the sequel will get the same treatment.

The free-running and combat might be bumped up as well. The last game was primarily about melee and parkour. Maybe more gunplay can be included in this one.

Will the location be a zombie-ridden slum area again? Perhaps a more urban developed environment can be more intriguing to be jumping and sprinting across. Time will tell what to expect as we approach E3.

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