Dying Light 2: Stay Human’s PS5 File Size Is Half Of XSX

Dying Light 2: Stay Human looks to be another game making full use of the compression technologies of PlayStation 5.

The upcoming sequel will have an installation size of 60GB on PC and 72GB on Xbox Series X. The game will however weigh under 33GB on PlayStation 5, making the PlayStation file size half of its Xbox counterpart.

Considering how free storage has become a precious commodity for current-generation consoles and how expensive solid-state drive expansions can be, Dying Light 2: Stay Human reducing its overall file size by half on PlayStation 5 is more than impressive but not uncommon.

Last February, Control Ultimate Edition was revealed to be taking 25GB of storage space on PlayStation 5 which included 4K textures and assets as well as other enhancements and optimizations. That file size nearly doubled on Xbox Series X with a requirement for about 42GB of storage space.

Sony Interactive Entertainment licensed a combination of Oodle Texture and Oodle Kraken compression technologies from RAD Game Tools for PlayStation 5, which (by design) can compress an 80GB game to 40GB on disc. Dying Light 2: Stay Human may as well be using those same tools to shrink its file size.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human will release for both previous- and current-generation consoles and PC on February 4, 2022. Techland has promised to keep supporting the game for five years after release. The post-launch content roadmap will be revealed later on but will cover new locations to explore, new enemies to take down, new weapons and gear to loot and craft, new in-game events to experience, and new stories to unravel.

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