Dying Light 2: Stay Human Allows All Co-Op Players To Vote On Story Choices

Dying Light 2: Stay Human allows up to four players in cooperative play and each one of them will have a say in where the storyline branches out next.

While showing off the cooperative mode in a new developer stream earlier today, developer Techland confirmed that Dying Light 2 can be played from start to finish with friends and family.

The host of a cooperative session along with connected players will not have to worry about losing any progress. They will all get to keep whatever progress is made and earned during each cooperative session such as character levels and loot. There will however be a catch in terms of how the narrative is unraveled.

When it comes to making a story-related choice, all connected players in the cooperative mode will be asked to vote on what to do next in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. The host however will have the final say and can choose to override whatever story choice the other players have voted on in majority.

Most recently, Techland announced that Dying Light 2 will feature 500 hours of content. The announcement birthed concerns among players following which the developer clarified that 500 hours is what players will need to every aspect of the game. That includes all of the quests, all of the endings which will require re-runs, and the exploration of the entire world to discover all secrets. Hence, 500 hours is what completionists should be ready to take out of their lives for the game.

For the average player though, the main storyline and side quests of Dying Light 2 can be finished in less than 100 hours, which should put everyone at ease.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is finally on the verge of release following numerous delays. The highly anticipated sequel will grace both previous- and current-generation consoles and PC on February 4, 2022. Techland will be dropping a Nintendo Switch version as well but which will be a cloud-based streaming version.

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