Dying Light 2 Map Size Is Four Times Bigger Than Original Game’s

The Dying Light 2 map size is four times larger than the original game, which likely means a lot more content to explore too.

If you thought that the map for the original Dying Light was big, with players having an entire city to literally run around, then Dying Light 2 will be an enormous surprise for you. The Dying Light 2 map size will apparently be four times larger than the original game’s city map was.

Dying Light 2 is basically taking place in an alternate continuity from the original game, where humanity lost the war against the zombie plague and now must attempt to rebuild some measure of society. With such a huge map, that will be an enormous undertaking.

The original Dying Light took place in the fictional city-state of Harran, which was the only place that was currently suffering under the zombie plague. While we don’t know the setting of the sequel, it being so much bigger will definitely lend an even bigger sense of scale to the game.

When Dying Light 2 was first revealed, we were told that there would be a multitude of ways to complete the game’s story, with branching paths breaking off from various decisions that you made at the end of missions that would influence the various factions in the game.

While the Dying Light 2 map size is amazing, at the same time, developer Techland Publishing will have to make sure that the game doesn’t feel empty. While there will likely be a large number of quests that people can undertake, and even though Techland has said that they want people to be able to keep playing for years, there’s a fine balance that needs to be struck.

A massive city can be fun to parkour around and climb and explore, as many open-world games have shown, by the possibility of making it feel empty due to not putting enough content in it is always a risk that you might have to think about.

We’ll just have to see just how loaded with content the new Dying Light 2 map size ends up being when the game releases.

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