Dying Light 2 Coming At E3 2019, Devs Excited To Showcase “Latest Look” At The Game

Dying Light 2 was revealed last year and since then developer Techland hasn’t revealed much of its gameplay. But that is about to change as the studio has confirmed that Dying Light 2 will be at E3 2019 and are excited to show more of the game.

The developer took to the Twitter and confirmed that Dying Light 2 will be at E3 2019. Not only that, the devs have also expressed their excitement to give us the “latest look” at Dying Light 2.

The upcoming sequel will feature huge improvements over the first game. According to the devs, Dying Light 2 AI is more complex and the game also features a morality system for NPCs.

According to the game designer, to make the game more immersive they had to make AI as complex as possible. But, this isn’t the only reason why the Dying Light 2 AI is complex. The team also wanted to simulate how people would react in a similar situation where resources are very limited.

As for the morality system for NPCs, this will allow for some unexpected scenarios while interacting with NPCs. Some NPC will try to fight while some would just throw their weapons and would run.

Furthermore, the game is set 15 years after the events of the first game and humanity has lost the war against the infection.

The game will launch for base consoles along with upgraded ones and Techland intends to take advantage of the upgraded hardware. According to the devs, Dying Light 2 is targeting native 4K on consoles.

However, the devs noted that they can’t say for sure if the game will be 4K or not as the optimization happens at the end of the project.

But it’s too early to talk about specific and the exact definition of 4K. Optimization and final visual polish is something that happens at the end of the project when the whole game is locked in, and you know what is the exact weight of all of the assets, gameplay logic, etc. But everything that we put in the game at this point is native 4K, so here’s hope we will be able to keep it that way on the most powerful platforms.

Aside from an upcoming sequel, last year Techland launched its battle royale spin-off Dying Light: Bad Blood as an early access title on Steam.

However, the spin-off wasn’t as successful as the game itself and still has failed to attract an audience.

Dying Light 2 is a first-person open-world survival game in development at Techland. The game is scheduled to launch in 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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