Dying Light 2 Developers Recommend Multiple Playthroughs To Uncover Everything

Dying Light 2 developers confirm that players would need to go through the game multiple times before they can uncover everything.

During E3 2018 the developer Techland had stated that the open world zombie sequel was going to be their “most ambitious” project to date, that it was going to be absolutely massive. They did not disappoint, it was reported that it’ll take multiple playthroughs to see all the quests, characters, items and secrets hidden in Dying light 2.

The producer Kornel Jaskula stated that the game was going to be packed with branching paths and tons of critical choices that lead to all kinds of unexpected consequences. This includes the characters you will meet as well as the shape of the world itself.

Apparently, there are so many paths in the game that not even developer isn’t sure about the total number. We also know from the game’s announcement a year ago that choices are going to make a big impact on how the game progresses.

Back in early 2019, we had finally received news involving Dying Light 2 with suggestions that it won’t be released until the fall of 2019. This was due to the fact that developer Techland wanted to showcase the game to fans during their E3 2019 event. Techland also showcased improvements Dying Light 2 made upon the first game’s formula. Including but not limited to a more complex AI system as well as a morality system for their NPC’s.

Besides this, not a lot of gameplay was revealed but we received additional news that the grappling hook used in the first game would be making its way onto the second. This means if you’re a fan of the game’s parkour system you’ll be able to do that again in the sequel.

From all, we have heard Dying Light 2 definitely sounds like a game that you will be playing for a while. It’s exciting to be able to dive into the “modern dark age” setting the game has and see all the different playthrough’s in the game. There is no release date as of yet but I wouldn’t expect to see a game of this magnitude till late 2020/ early 2021.