Dying Light 2 AI Is Much More Complex, Features A Morality System For NPCs

Like the first game, Dying light 2 features an open-world with a real sense of scale. However, the AI in the first game wasn’t particularly a highlight but with Dying light 2, Techland is stepping up its game by making the AI more complex and also added a morality system to the game.

Speaking with DigitalFoundry, game designer for the upcoming Dying Light 2 talked about how the studio is tackling the development of the game and also touched on the subject of in-game AI and the morality system.

According to the designer, to make Dying Light 2’s world truly immersive they had to make the AI much more complex given that the game is set in a world where survivors have to fight each other for the remainder of the resources.

However, this is not the only reason for which the developer wants to create complex AI for the game as the designer noted that the team wanted to simulate how people would react in a similar situation where the resources are very limited.

Furthermore, the developers have also added a morality system which was absent from the first game. The morality system’s purpose is also to simulate how a person would react in a post-apocalyptic world while adding an additional layer of complexity.

According to the dev, NPCs in the game can pull off something unexpected while interacting with the player. He explained with an example that if the player finds an NPC in the game and the NPC will act accordingly to the actions of the player.

Some NPCs will try to fight the player if they see the player as a threat while some will just throw their weapon at the player and will make a run for it hoping that they would just outrun the player.

Speaking of the game, the developer has also confirmed that the game is set in a world where humans have lost to infected and 15 years have passed since they tried to fight the infection.

This might indicate that the upcoming title is set 15 years after the original game but the human civilization has fallen to the infection.

Also, the devs have ditched the Chrome Engine for the upcoming title and have developed a new Engine, C-Engine, from scratch for the upcoming game.

However, the game keeps the sense of scale of the original title as the C-Engine was designed specifically for the first-person open world title.

Dying Light 2 is a first-person action shooter in development at Techland for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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