Dunk Nation 3×3 Beginners Guide – Best Positions, Highlighted Arc, Leveling Up, Tips & Strategies

Dunk Nation 3×3 Beginners Guide to help you get familiarized with the game along with some general tips & strategies that will help you get good at the game. Dunk Nation 3×3 is a fast-paced, multiplayer basketball game in which you get to choose a character with unique abilities. There are multiple game modes in the game & this guide will help you get started with the game.

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Dunk Nation 3×3 Beginners Guide

In our Dunk Nation 3×3 Beginners Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about getting started with the game along with some general tips & strategies that should help you secure more wins.

Dunk Nation 3×3 Beginners Guide

Don’t Skip the Tutorial!

This one may seem to be a no-brainer but you should definitely try & spend some time playing the tutorial. The game’s tutorial will introduce you to the game’s core mechanics & will award you with several in-game rewards. Since you got to start somewhere, playing the tutorial seems like a good idea. The game also has a dedicated Practice Mode. Once you’re done with the tutorial, try the game’s Practice Mode that should help you polish your skills even more.

Leveling System

As you continue to play & secure more wins, you level up in order to improve your skills. Since the game has multiple game modes, your individual level contributes towards your team’s level. However, one important thing that you need to note here is that in 3 vs. 3 matches, your individual level can’t be more than your team level. When it comes to leveling, make sure to complete the first few story quests, daily quests, & rookie quests to earn some easy XP & level up during the early game.

Getting Better…

As mentioned earlier, leveling up in Dunk Nation 3×3 allows you to enhance your skills in the game. However, it’s paramount that you don’t forget to equip skills so that they improve automatically. Continue to grow your skills in order to unlock specialized talents & send your players to train that should allow them to further enhance their stats.

The Highlighted Arc

Whenever you see the highlighted arc in front of you turn green, it essentially means that you’re in the best position to block your opponent. It will immediately turn red if you leave the area. If your opponent manages to get hold of the ball, keep a close eye out on them & decide your next move.


  • Center – Ideal for defending shots inside the paint & getting rebounds
  • Power Forward – Agile & overall great for making plays inside the paint
  • Point Guard – Agile & a great passer, use him to set up plays around the court
  • Shooting Guard – This is the best position to put points from mid to 3-point range
  • Small Forward – A good starting & all-rounder position that should help beginners

This is all we’ve in our Dunk Nation 3×3 Beginners Guide. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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