Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Short Rest Explained

In Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance, you get the chance for respite from the main quest by taking a short rest, a familiar mechanic from the tabletop series. However, unlike the tabletop, the short rest mechanic is a bit different in D&D: Dark Alliance and can present an interesting choice for the player. All this will be explained in the guide below.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Short Rest

The Short Rest feature in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance is an opportunity for you to heal your party and refill consumables. However, you can forgo and instead opt for an increase in the rarity of your loot drops! So, this presents an interesting choice, which one should you opt for? Before we get to that let’s learn how to take a short rest.

How to Use

You can’t just randomly set up a campfire anywhere in the dungeon, there are a few requirements you need to fulfill first. The Short Rest option only appears if you have already cleared the area of all the enemies.

The Short Rest site also acts as a respawn location for you in case you don’t make it after the rest ends, and you have to face more enemies again.

Short Rest or Raise Rare Loot?

In the dungeon, whether to use short rest to replenish your health via the refilling of consumables or to choose for the increase in the rare loot, it all depends on your current situation! In some instances, you might have to let go of the loot as the health might be more important and vice versa

When the option appears, you will have 30 seconds to choose either. Remember that choosing short rest Refills your Stamina and health but it also respawns all the in the dungeon. You wouldn’t want to deal with that again therefore use this option when you are close to finishing the quest and are in dire need of HP and Stamina.

On the other hand, if you choose to avail the opportunity earlier in the quest then you must choose for increase loot rarity as you will get a chance to get some really impressive rare loot which will surely be beneficial in the long run and help you out over the extended course of the quest.

So, if your party needs the short rest then you should absolutely go for it but be ready to deal will the enemies that come following that. Otherwise, choose the rare loot and use it to fulfill your objectives of the quest.