Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Tips

The highly awaited spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance is finally here in the form of a co-op dungeon brawler. To get you started with Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, we have prepared this guide with handy tips and tricks to explain the basics.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Tips

D&D: Dark Alliance features both solo and multiplayer game modes. While in Solo, you won’t have to worry about planning in advance that much, but if you are playing with friends, then you will have to coordinate and plan to start Team Attacks and more.

To ensure proper cohesion and teamwork, our Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Beginners Guide guide will provide tips that should help beginners as well as veterans of the genre.

Choose Character Carefully

In D&D: Dark Alliance, make sure to choose your character carefully, as each character has its own playstyle and abilities. Characters in D&D are like classes, and there are a total of 4 characters that you can choose from, Drizzt, who is a DPS ranger, Catti-Brie, who is an archer, Wulfgar, who is a barbarian and Bruenor, who is a tank.

If you like to play close quarters, you can choose the barbarian and fighter class characters. If you want to play from a range, you can pick up Drizzt or Catti as they are good at long-range combat.

Upgrade Consumables

In Dark Alliance, you will obtain gold as you complete different missions and battles. Make sure to use this gold to upgrade your gear, consumables and potions. You can buy new consumables from the Merchant and also upgrade them to further increase their effectiveness.

Explore the World for Gear and Gold

In Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance, you will find some paths and dead ends away from your linear, story progressing path. Make sure to explore these paths to find some chests which contain XP, gold and gear rewards.

Run Away When in Danger

While in a fight, if you feel like you are in danger and may die, then just try to escape the combat area. Your enemies cannot follow you out of the fight zone so you can run away and then recuperate and then return to the fight arena when you are ready again.

Plan Your Gear Loadout Before a Dungeon

You can only change your gear in between missions. When you start a mission with a certain gear, you will not be able to swap it before completing the missions. So make sure you are comfortable with your weapons and armor before jumping on a mission.

Set Bonuses

In D&D: Dark Alliance, the more items you wear from an armor set, the higher its bonus will get. So whenever you find an armor piece, don’t discard or sell it as you may need it later on to complete an armor set.

Purchase New Moves

To allow more freedom over your class and character, you can purchase new moves to replace old ones. New moves can be bought from the Moves tab in the player menu. You need to unlock numerous movies if you want to survive difficult encounters as they can give you a fighting chance.

Get these new moves as quickly as possible to make combat more enjoyable and to make you more versatile.

Complete Optional Objectives

At the start of every level, you can view your main and optional objectives. Usually, the longer acts have optional objectives, and we highly recommend you to complete optional objectives as well. Optional objectives consist of killing sub-bosses or collecting certain items.

Learn how to handle environmental hazards

There are some environmental hazards in your surroundings that can greatly affect your HP. You must learn how to deal with these hazards. You can disable such terrains by searching your surroundings. Poisonous grounds can be defused by detonating explosive barrels and Cursed Grounds can be defused by hitting violet cursed sculptures to stop the flow of the dangerous liquid. You cannot remove Frozen Ground, however, but you can walk on ice by getting warmth buff by standing beside a flaming sword which will be located nearby.

Avoid White Crystal Growth

You need to avoid passing by or hitting white crystal growth as these silence your character, making you unable to use your abilities for a period of time.

Choose Loot Bonus

After you have been in certain encounters, you will reach certain checkpoints that will allow you to either take a short rest or gain loot bonuses. Choose the loot bonus pass as the chances of acquiring rare equipment will be increased and you can increase your loot bonus to a maximum of three times.

Pick short rest only if you have low hp or you don’t have consumables. You lose one stack of loot bonus for each time you take a short rest.

Utilize your time in camp

When you are in camp, make sure to practice your moves, swap out pieces of equipment, change abilities etc. You have access to your character only at camp. Once your run has begun, you cannot check your newly unlocked moves in case you forgot their combinations. You can also apply attribute points and learn new feats at the camp so its important to utilize your time at camp as much as possible to improve your chances of success in combat.

Learn to maneuver in combat

When you are surrounded by a lot of enemies, you need to learn how to maneuver in combat. Lock on the enemy to aim directly at them. It Is usually a good ploy, but it also limits your line of sight with respect to other enemies approaching. So, you have to pay attention to the indicators beneath and around you.

White triangles tell you if the corresponding enemy is at a safe distance from you. Yellow triangles indicate that they are approaching, and the red triangles indicate they are nearby and about to attack you. At this, point quickly evade to avoid incoming attacks.

Pick up your own loot

Since loot is not shared in D&D Dark Alliance, you have to pick anything up manually if you want to get it off the Reward Chest after the task. This also implies that you have to go to any big chests your teammates might have discovered and unlocked to collect the loot.

Help your downed teammates

You have a short window to aid a comrade in the Dark Alliance. They will perish and respawn at the previous checkpoint if you don’t help them in time. In the Dark Alliance, clearing a dungeon is easy but nobody wants to kill the enemies they have already killed before. You will die instantly if you are playing solo and get killed.

Avoid getting teleported

Stay close to the host because if you go too far from the host, you will get teleported near the host. This will annoy especially if you and your host are not on the same page.

Invite your teammates

You need to send invitations using the social friend’s list of your platform to play with your pals. Before you start, make sure everybody is online and in Dark Alliance. You cannot invite someone to a dungeon. Invitations have to be forwarded when everyone is at the hub. The host can send invitations after everyone is ready.

Get comfortable with Multiple Characters

You must get comfortable with multiple characters because in Quickplay, you can end in a game with a different character instead of the character you like. Duplicate Characters are not allowed so make sure to get comfortable with at least 2 different characters. Test out other characters because they all offer varying abilities.

First, you start the game, all the sections of the world map are locked but as you gradually unlock these sections, you can use them on your other characters. By this, you will be able to complete one act and gaining at least one piece of rare equipment from the preferred gear set drop. Continue this until you find the best set that suits your character and once you have found it, you can just farm that section of the game to gain optimal setup for your character.

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