Keybindings Issue in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, Is there Any Fix?

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is out, and people are getting ready to start their new adventure in the third-person action role-playing game. However, a lot of people seem to be facing a tedious issue when it comes to changing key binds and are wondering if the annoying default keybinds in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance can be changed or not.

Considering that there’s an entirely different tab in options dedicated to keybinds, it would only be logical to think that yes, you indeed can change them in accordance with your preferences. Unfortunately, it seems like the developers didn’t think that such a feature should be pretty standard for games on PC in 2021.

How to Change Keybinds in Dungeon & Dragons: Dark Alliance

A lot of the keys for your character controls are hardbound in D&D Dark Alliance and there is no way to change them. Seems like the developers only had controller players in mind and the PC controls were just an afterthought. On top of this issue, even if you try to change some of the keybinds that can be changed, you might run into another caveat.

Players who have dived into the game, apparently cannot change any of the keybindings as per their requirements. After setting the few keybinds they can alter, backing out to the menu of D&D Dark Alliance seems to reset the keybinds to default again.

For now, it seems like the issue is tied to the default key (F) for resetting options. So the temporary fix is to not set anything in the controls to that key, make the keybind changes you want and then back out to main menu.

If your issue persists, and you’re still not able to play the game with custom keybinds, then it’s best to just wait for an update for D&D: Dark Alliance. An issue this widespread is bound to get fixed ASAP by the developers and considering the reviews of the game, hopefully, the developers will release some quality of life updates soon that will allow you to change keybinds.

Until such an update comes, you will have to make do with the default keyboard/mouse scheme mentioned below while playing D&D Dark Alliance on PC, provided you don’t have a controller to use:

Action Input
Light Attack LMB
Fierce Attack RMB
Lock-On MMB
Lock-On Flick Left Left Arrow Key
Lock-On Flick Right Right Arrow Key
Ability Q
Useable 1 1
Useable 2 2
Useable 3 3
Useable 4 4
Ultimate 4
Team Attack T
Special Attack G
Block or Parry Tab
Run (Toggle) Left Shift
Evade C
Jump Space
Interact E
Push-to-Talk V

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