Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough

Kingdom of Ehb has fallen apart. You are one of few survivors of the 10th legion, who were supposed to protect this land.

It is now up to you to rebuild the once great Legion and protect Ehb from the darkness that is slowly engulfing it.You will be joined by many warriors on your way, you will make friends, defeat monsters, and enhance your abilities to become a hero that will protect the lands from these villains.

Rebuilding a Kingdom can be tough, even for the hero, that’s why we will be assisting you in this quest with our walkthrough. You can also check our Rare Items list and Lore Master Guide.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – A Gathering in the North

Chapter 2 – The Search for Survivors

Chapter 3 – Into the Mournweald

Chapter 4 – The Battle for Raven’s Rill

Chapter 5 – On the Road

Chapter 6 – Stonebridge

Chapter 7 – Glitterdelve

Chapter 8 – The Spire

Chapter 1 – A Gathering in the North

Montbarron Estate
You need to get to the Montbarron state nearby. Since it’s the start, on screen instructions will help you in your first objective. Minimap and the quest guide will facilitate you to find the destinations you need to visit or the tasks you need to perform. You will that the Estate is on fire.

Head to the courtyard and look for any survivors. Next, enter the door and continue your inspection till you reach a room where you can grab a weapon after inspecting the rack there. One thing you should keep in mind is that your hero can’t equip every gear.

As you move downstairs, destroy any breakable object you find. These objects will reveal useful items like weapons and gold etc. As you descend further down, some mercenaries will attack you. Deal with them and gather the loot form the chest before you proceed further.

As you fight more enemies along your way, you may have noticed the functionality of two bars at the bottom left of your screen. The blue bar their is related to Focus which is consumed as you block the attacks and use special attacks.

You should use special attacks when up against heavy resistance. The Focus bar is recovered as you use the normal attacks just like a typical fighting game. The green bar represents the hit points (HP).

As you deal with more waves of enemies, don’t forget to search the area for any useful items after you are done fighting with them. Move through the door and you will meet Marten Guiscard.

Keep on moving till you reach the bridge (don’t forget to gather the loot). Before you destroy the bridge, you can cross it and after you have collected the items, you can destroy it to escape the estate.

Pilgrim’s Road
Before you head down the curved path, you can explore the opposite end for some items. Return to the save beacon (point where you can save the game if there are no enemies around) and continue your normal path. You will find the camp is empty. It is empty for people but not for collectibles. So feel free to explore the area for goods.

Move further to the next beacon. Before you cross the bridge to the chapterhouse, you may want to move past the bridge to another camp for more loot. There will be a couple of enemies though you need to deal with. After you collect the items, you can come back and save the game again.

A tough foe awaits across the bridge. Bogdan will ask his men to attack. You need to focus on them before you turn to Bogdan. If you conserve your Focus, you can get rid of him quickly. Of course, you can’t leave behind the items dropped. So gather them and enter the chapterhouse.

Legion Chapterhouse
After you meet Odo, your first quest will be completed and as a result of which, you will be rewarded some karma you can use to upgrade your abilities. You can either choose to be defensive (recommended first) or aggressive.

Save your progress and explore the area for any useful goods. As you move downstairs, you will face some spiders. Your upgraded ability will help you survive the conditions. Use your attacks till you have get rid of them. Remember that you can retreat back upstairs and take a breath till your health is restored and then attack back.

Pilgrim’s Road Revisited
As you leave the chapterhouse, cross the bridge to your main path. Now you can go right to your main quest or turn left for side quest. For the side quest, you will have to find Florin’s Wagon and then you will rewarded.

As you climb up the hill, you will face heavy enemy resistance. If you run out of health and focus, head back down the hill to the beacon by the bridge to replenish your attributes. You can use the merchant to purchase something useful by spending the coin you have been gathering so far. Make sure that you don’t buy anything that can’t be equipped by the character.

After you completed Florin’s task and rewarded as a result, follow the trail from the wagon into the woods. At the intersection, if you move right, you can get a couple of chests. Head back to the fork and move on for a boss fight.

Boris is a tough nut to crack. Mercenaries will make it tougher. Fight them mercenaries first and if you run out of HP, you should retreat back to the save beacon to refill it so that you can attack again. After you have defeated the villian, open your quest log and select “The Search for Survivors as your active quest and then follow the trail down.

Chapter 2 – The Search for Survivors

After finding Odo alive, there is hope that more legionaries might be alive. You head your way to a village of Raven’s Rill for further investigation.

Lower Raven’s Rill
At gate you will meet Lescanzi who will brief you about the current situation in the village. As you head to the lower portion of the village and the beacon, start questioning the people there to gather any info. Some of them will ask your help which is your choice whether you want to help them or not.

You can start helping the widow (whit haired) mourning over her husband’s death. She want Boris dead The Widow’s Revenge. You have killed him already. If you haven’t then follow this time you can get rid of him.

The next side quest A Prized Posession will be assigned by Anton who want’s his object back stolen by one of the Lescanzi’s men. You need to defeat the guy to get Anton’s property back.

Next, you can help a fisherman (The Fishing Hole) by dealing with the beast who is hindering his work. After the creature appears from the lake, you need to get back quickly. Like before, deal with the smaller fishes first and then you can focus on the main creature, “Nishemmu”.

If you refuse to gather any reward from the villagers, you will earn a deed that will render you +5 Will points. After you have helped atleast one of the villagers, you will come to know that you need talk to Grigori who knows about the town’s missing Mayor. He can be found be the town square.

West Forest
Things gonna get tough in this section as the enemies here are tougher than before. You have to use the healing ability wisely if you want to survive enemy waves. At the intersection, head right to the cavern where you will meet a female named Leona. She will tell you about the survivors taken by witches.

You need to be careful of the circles on the ground created by the witches. At the next intersection, you can either proceed to your main objective (see the quest guide) or explore the other paths to gather some treasure. A novel witch named Vera will be your next opponent.

You need to dodge her attacks timely. Beware of the circles that can summon skeleton creatures making things difficult for you. After you have defeated the worthy foe, explore the are for useful items. You can free second party member from the cage. The member will depend on the character you have chosen at the start.

If the character is Angali, you can tell her that she “wanted justice” or if it’s Lucas then you should select “the legion protects” to earn some influence which is beneficial to earn special deeds.

Stormsong Cavern
You can upgrade your teammates with the different equipment so they can fight better along you. Leona will appear again and before she gives you a key (that will open the door), she will ask you a favor which goes in the category of side quest so it is your own choice.

As you continue along the cavern, the stranger you met earlier will meet you again. Further, at cave’s mouth, you will encounter Lescanzi’s men. After you deal with your enemies, you have two choices; one is that you head back to the chapterhouse and the other is that you proceed further Leona’s task Gunderic Manor. Enter the estate and make it safe from undead creatures.

As you enter the manor, you will hear a voice calling for help. Explore the area and as you explore the servant’s quarters, a door will open. After you talk with Alise, get ready for a fight with undead. You can use the defensive approach that is dodge their attacks first and then strike on seeing the opening.

Alise tells you about her father fallen below. As you move down, you will be encountered by some statues that will come to life as you pass by them. Don’t be hasty or you can wake them all together which can be troublesome. More enemies will follow so you can’t relax just yet. After you have dealt with the enemies, you can look the bookshelve of the room to the far side to find a treasure chest.

If you don’t have the password yet then keep on guessing till the path is opened. If you have the password (Nagog) then use it to enter the secret study (you will gain +2 Agility) and if you guessed it you will gain +2 stamina. Downstairs now and you will encounter more enemies. You can choose to retreat back upstairs if needed.

Using the key you can access the east wing now. Ultimately you will reach Gunderic library of Arcana. After saving at the beacon, explore the library till the door opens to the left area from where some enemies will enter and try to ambush you. As you move through a couple of more rooms ahead, you will encounter more enemies and some to loot to gather.

The attacks of the giant creature you face next are quite predictable so you can dodge them easily. Deal with the Shamans first and then with the big one. After you have defeated the Hulk, gather the Coalfire stone and use it to repair the damaged mechanism assembly. You can now pull the lever to reveal the path into the Sanctum.

Next up is another boss fight, but before that you may want to explore the Sanctum for some gear and other items. Lord Gunderic needs to be handled carefully. His attacks are predictable yet dangerous.

Either fight him off from distance or look for an opening before you engage in close combat. After you have defeated Gunderic, you can either choose to keep the manor under legion influence or handle it to Leona.

To free Alise you need to destroy the Heart of Nagog. This will earn you reward. Otherwise you can leave her in the undead form. As you head back to the village, another side quest Hiding Out awaits. But you can’t complete it right now. Say yes for future.

Legion Chapterhouse
After you are done in Raven’s Rill, it’s time to head back to the Legion chapterhouse. After talking with Armand at the entrance head to the next room to meet with Odo. If Anjali has is your companion then tell Odo that you believe his tales about the causeway for better influence and if Lucas is your friend then tell Odo that you are skeptical about his story to gain influence.

After you talk with Odo, it’s time to continue your quest. Enter the east forest through the door in the basement. You can open the door with the help of the key given to you by Odo.

Chapter 3 – Into the Mournweald

Odo believes that Hugh Montbarron’s signet ring can be used in restoring chapterhouse’s causeway which then can be used to fight against Lescanzi to free Raven’s Bill.

East Forest
Entrance to the Mournweald is in the forest. After saving the game, enter the forest and as you search for the entrance beware of the spiders that can attack you in the forest. Anti group attacks can be effective. Below the stairs of chpaterhouse, you will find a note near the corpse about three missing tomes in the library.

If you return them to the bookcase, a treasure room will be revealed. It’s a side quest A Loss of Words though. You will find the missing tomes as you explore the forest and the Shadowrift Cavern to the south. You can use your quest guide for tracking each tome. You will have to explore the cave to find the tomes you are looking for.

Next in the Shadowrift Cavern, you will find Niku. It’s time that you complete a side quest hiding out you started earlier. You need to supply food and blanket to avoid trouble. You will find Tatyana’s husband deep inside the cave entangled in some sort of web. Deal with the spiders that attack you and then free Niku.

Ultimately, you will face a huge spider. Before you can engage with it, you need to use anti group attacks to get rid of the smaller spiders. You can use the eggs in the area to restore health and focus. Use ranged attacks against the big creature to knock it out. After the fight free Niku, he will give you a precious artifact.

In the east wing of the forest, you will find a beacon.Save your progress here and as you proceed north, you will encounter a wolf like creature. Don’t hesitate to retreat if you feel the power too much to be handled. Approach it cautiously. It will be advantageous if you deal with the weaker wolves first while you dodge the beast’s attacks.

After the fight, examine the skeleton nearby to find another genealogy. Now you have two of them out of three. If you proceed south, you will encounter another beast.

It is better that before you proceed, you head back to the previous beacon to save the game. You should use the same cautious approach to deal with it. Explore the nearby area to find the last genealogy.

You can now complete the side quest A Loss of Words. Head back to the chapterhouse to claim your reward. To the east now, you will first find the path blocked to the Mourweald. Soon the path will open so enter to proceed to the next section.

The Mournweald
After your struggle in forest, you are in Mourweald where you can find the ring you are looking for. As you proceed, first enemy wave will just be to warm things up. You can get rid of them with ease.

At some distance from the main path, you will find a big old tree. You can explore the dead bodies around to gather any gear or items. After the loot, examine Hug Montbarron’s bones to find the ring.

As you grab the ring, a vision will appear and tell you that you can’t open the causeway yet with the ring only. However he offers you a deal that he can help you open it and in return you can’t let anyone enter the woods ever again.

A flash of light and you will find yourself back into the forest. Head to Odo in chapterhouse and tell him the story. You can question Odo
about the causeway to know how to proceed further. Move to chapterhouse’s causeway. Walk through the portal to activate it.

Rukkenvahl Causeway
You need to pass through this strange section. Save the game at the central beacon. If you head east (path will automatically form) you will a treasure chest. Head south to move to the next section

Chapter 4 – The Battle for Raven’s Rill

It’s time to take the fight to the enemy. Your target is a female named Rajani who actually has hired Lescanzi mercenaries to take over the village. Since you have passed through the causeway, you now can reach the lady and break her neck.

Gunderic Mausoleum
The mausoleum will be crawling with gargoyles. Ranged attacks are effective against them. You can explore the chamber for any useful goodies. You will find a fragile wall to the east of the hall. Destroy it to get a special armor of Katarina. After you are done exploring the area, you can proceed to the next area through the door.

Raven’s Rill Graveyard
It’s a graveyard so you can expect some undead creatures roaming the area. After passing the curled path, you will encounter a tough foe which happens to be a women. She is actually a Lescanzi witch. You have already fought a witch before.

You can use the same strategy against her. Dodge her magical attacks as you deal with the weaker foes first before targeting your prime objective. After you have dealt with the witch, you are good to proceed to the upper Rill.

Upper Raven’s Rill
After you have saved the game, move through the town’s gate. On the other side some mercenaries along with a strong beast will interrupt your path.

Deal with the mercenaries first and then the brute. Next in the town hall, you will find the mayor is being held prisoner. You will be attacked by different waves of enemies so get ready to use your powerful attacks against them.

After you have dealt with weaker forces, Rajani herself will come to face you. She does not have any minions but her offensive attacks are difficult to dodge. You need to stay sharp to dodge her attacks. If your dodging skills are poor, you will have a real tough time in defeating this foe. In the next phase, she will start to teleport abruptly.

Use your utmost power to reduce her health once you manage to get close to her. After you have defeated Rajani, you can either spare her life (for +2 Will points) or Slay her (+2 attack points). Search for the imprisoned mayor now so that he can be freed.

As you leave the chapterhouse, mayor will have an additional favor to ask Heroes of Old. He want’s you to open Old Heroes’ Crypt. You need two rings Montbarron’s and Gunderic’s to open the crypt. Gunderic ring (if you haven’t got it yet) can be obtained from the side quest (The Search for Survivors).

Another side quest (Relics of Another Age) can be started after meeting with Maximilien. He want’s three ancient relics from Heroes’ crypt. In the crypt, gather any useful items you find in the area. As you proceed to lower section, you will encounter skeletons which you can deal with your special moves.

You will find the first replica at the balcony that overlooks the central section. Grab the key beside the corpse and open a room to the other side of the balcony. One relic (Skull of Norick) is inside that room.

After saving the progress in the chamber, proceed further into the crypt. In the section where you also find a shrine, you will be attacked by a wave of undead enemies.

Continue moving till you reach the hall of heroes where you can collect some precious artifacts and other loot. A monstrous knight will approach you in great wrath. His slow sword movements will make it easy to predict the attacks.

Sneak behind it to use melee attacks or you can use the ranged attacks if you have them. Once you have defeated him, collect the useful items in the area and the third relic which is actually the sword of Bollingar.

Leave the crypt and head back to Lazar who will be more than happy to find that the crypt has been restored. You will be rewarded and after that you can set the quest to “On the Road” and move to the east swamps.

Chapter 5 – On the Road

Although you have defeated Lescanzi but your trials aren’t over yet. Odo will tell you about the Legion’s grand chapterhouse, your next destination.

Easter Swamp Bluffs
As you cross the bridge, some spiders will interrupt your path. By now, they won’t big any big deal for you. Further ahead, you will meet Leopold. As you find the path blocked, you need to look for another way. Head down to the overgrown area.

You will encounter Kassynder’s men. Your primary targets should be the gunmen and then you can deal with the knights. You can rupture the mushrooms in the area to inflict damage on the nearby enemies.

Bioluminescent Caves
As you enter the cave, more Azunite soldiers will attack. If you are out numbered, you can retreat and then attack again.

Swamp Battlefield
From the cave, you will reach the swamp area controlled by royalist forces. Meet their leader named Lord Devonsey. If you want to gain influence for Lucas, use “negotiate” while if you are with Anjali, tell him that you should “attack the village”.

If you now explore the camp area, you will find a soldier named Roderick who has a side quest (Lost in Swamp) for you. He will ask you to find his missing scouts. You don’t need to worry about them for now as you will find them as progress through the story anyways. Or you can use the quest guide to locate them first.

Meet Leopold to and after collecting some items use the quest guide to head to the foul bog ahead.

Gloamwood Bog
You should meet Lord Devonsey and his men at the edge of First People’s village. Your path will be intersected by the local wild creatures. They are tough but if you are quick enough, they won’t be a big threat. Devonsey has a plan. He plans to capture their leader and then negotiate with the locals of the village Phineas and other prisoners.

First People Village
Ofcourse, their leader’s capture won’t be a walk in the park. You will face waves of enemies before you can fight their leader. Stick to the basics and you won’t be troubled much. Ultimately you will encounter the leader, but before you can capture him, he will escape leaving his minions behind to fight against you. Quickly deal with them and open the quest guide to find his location again.

You will face enemy resistance as you move to confront him again. After catch sight of him again, use your full strength attacks to take him down. If you run out of focus, you have the option to retreat for a while. Beat him up bad and he will agree to give you what you want.

Meet Phieas now who knows the way to get you out of here. Meanwhile, you can complete a side quest Missionary work by a female called Arah. Find eggs for her (use the quest guide) and you will be given a precious amulet as a reward.

If you haven’t completed the side quest (Lost in Swamps) yet, you can do it now. Just use the quest guide to find the two scout groups. Make sure that you stay out of the magic radius caste by enemies as you fight them on your quest. Return to Roderick to collect your reward.

Before you meet Lord Devonsey again, you should explore the village for merchants and buy/trade some items. Leopold is one of the many options. While talking with Devonsey, tell him “it’s all right” for influence with Lucas or call Phineas a “naive” to gain influence with Angali. Next, you need to follow Phineas to reach the Road to Stonebridge. You can use the quest guide if you somehow loose Phineas.

Road to Stonebridge
Some of the remnants of Lescanzi forces under a leader named Svarbog
will hinder your progress to the Stonebridge. Anti-group attacks will help. If you haven’t been focusing on upgrading your gear, things can be tough for you onwards. Again, temporary retreat is always an option if you run out of fuel.

Follow the trail to reach the gates of Stonebridge. Your journey will be made tough by spiders and worms. They might surprise you at the start but won’t be able to bother you for a long time.

Chapter 6 – Stonebridge

To fully restore the legion, you need to restore the grand chapter-house from the influence of Jeyen Kasseynder.

Stonebridge City
After you speak up with the robot at the city gate, enter the city. As you cross the bridge you will have your first side quest (Supply Lines) in the city. A women named Ursula wants you to protect her mechant wagon from Lescanzis. After you protect her goods from the deserters, you can get back to the bridge to continue your main quest.

It’s a new city for you. Before the serious battles start again, it’s time that you explore the city and purchase some upgrades etc from different vendors. After you are done exploring the city, use the quest guide to find the entrance of grand chapterhouse.

The Grand Chapterhouse
Inside the chapterhouse, as you climb up the stairs, you will find four tomes missing from the shelve. Time for a book hunt. Proceed through the door to the left and then to the corridor. Beware of the wall traps as you pull the lever at corridor’s end. A door will open, enter the chamber to locate the first book.

As you proceed through the north door, you will face some guards with swords. Killing them won’t be a tough job. Move out of the chamber and move through the portcullis to another room. Deal with some more guards and press the lever at the center to reveal two doors containing books.

Continue (use quest guide) to find the fourth book and return to the place where you started. Save your game and return the books. Once the books are back to their places, you will reveal the causeway gate.

You have a choice now, either turn to the meisters or to support royalists’ queen. Since meisters are in the city, you need to head to the meister’s hall. If you want to help queen. Continue reading the next chapter.

Meister Hall
After you speak with the lady named Gisela Kassel, you need to head to the miesters’ council. For the alliance between Miesters and Legion, you need three votes. You have one but for two more votes, you will have to complete two quests from meisters.

Rorik Kesser will give you vote if you end the rebellious nature of the workers in the foundry. Meister mudgutter on the other hand wants you to track the thieves to stop their illegal activities.

Fiddlewick has a couple of task for you that is if you want to earn some xp. Talk with constable clank and meet Krug. It’s your decision whether you want to free him or not.

After you make your decision, you will get a third comrade (male/female). Level up your new teammate. Your new teammate need your help to settle a dispute between two colleagues over some property. Head to the grand chapterhouse and then move upstairs.

You need to decide. If you favor Baron, you will gain influence with Lucas and if you decide to rule in favor of Hans, you will get influence with Reinhart. If you decide to share the property, you will gain influence with Katarina. Head back to Fiddlewick.

Lower Ward
You have the consent of meisters. Head to the lower ward (which otherwise could not be accessible) to choose between two quests, Great foundry or Crypts of the Sacred Blood.

Great Foundry
As you enter the foundry, a guy named Deter and will ask you restart the gear works ‘Cogs and Wheels‘ so that the facility gets running again. As you head deeper into the foundry, you will encounter some goblins fire jackals lead by a cyclops. Use your anti-group attacks to deal with the enemies. Target the weaker foes first before turning to the strong one.

As you proceed further according to the quest guide, you will find the gears needed to be restarted. The area is also good for useful treasure items having small resistance.

Further in the foundry, an imprisoned man will ask Hostage Situation to find his workers. Free him and use the quest guide to find first of his workers and some more gearworks.

Next, a huge cyclops is needed to be dealt with. Ranged attacks or attack form the back is the best options. You need to be sharp to dodge it’s powerful attacks.

Explore the section for any loots. You will find Deter’s final gearwork after you use a lever to activate it. Use the quest guide again to find to rescue Olbert’s second worker.

Crypts of the Sacred Blood
A goblin named Sweatcog (you can find him close to the entrance of sacred blood crypt) will tell you that one of automatons have gone mad. Has asks for you help Major Malfunction. Attack the malfunctioning robot but if you want to engage it in a close fight then beware of it’s falmethrower attacks. Shoot it from distance otherwise.

After you complete his first quest, you will be assigned another task Proof of Sabotage which is to find if anything was stolen from his lab. You can complete the quest by when you examine crypts for meisters.

Another side quest you can take is from Holtzman Cryptic Inheritance who stands by the entrance door. You can complete it too while you investigate the crypt for meisters. You will have to collect the artifacts stolen 30 years ago which are actually buried along the graves of the thieves.

As you enter the crypts, you will find the automaton parts (which you fought earlier) spread across. Set your quest to Sweacog’s side quest and after you collect the part on the table, report him back to complete the quest. Next, set your active quest to Cryptic Inheritance. As you further explore the crypts, some thieves will try to stop you. They are easy pickings though.

You will come across a lever you need to pull to raise a bridge. Cross it to head deeper into the crypts but before you do, don’t forget to loot the treasure chest for any precious items for your or your crew mates. After the bridge, there is another side quest to complete Stolen Shipments. Find the merchant’s stolen goods and return it to the owner.

Further as you follow the quest guide, you will encounter some enemies along with a goblin that will throw explosives at you. If you don’t want to be hit by the explosives then keep on moving. After you have dealt with them, pull another lever to raise the second bridge.

The vibrating blades can be passed if your timing is right. Enemies that attack as you try to pass through the series of blades will make things difficult. You need to be stationary while you fight with them so that you don’t get hit by the blades. Use the bridge to extend another bridge. After you have dealt with the thieves on the other side, use the lever you find there to open the door of the room.

Like always, explore the area for different beneficial items. As you move deeper, enemy attacks’ intensity will increase so use your anti group attacks against them. As you pull the lever to stop the moving blade, more enemies will attack (a door will also open). Deal with them and enter the door to find the stolen goods. You will find a journal that might be of great use for Holtzman.

Move through the opened doors in the north to enter an area where you will find a caged robot. Pull the lever by the column to extend bridges by east and west. Head to the west side to find and pull another lever to free the machine. You have fought the robot before (in the side quest) before so use the same strategy to deal with it.

Pull the lever in it’s cage now to proceed further. But before you do that, don’t forget to explore the chambers to the left and right side for Stolen goods and other items for your friends.

Head north (you will have to stretch another bridge) and as you move downstairs, fight with more enemies. One final lever to extend another bridge and the path will lead to thieves’ leader.

The thief looks ready to trouble you. His melee attacks can be dangerous. Use your fierce single-foe attacks to defeat him. After he realize that you are stronger than him, he will tell you about Dapper Old Gent but he doesn’t know his location. Follow the quest guide to venture further.

Now set your active task as “Trouble in Crypts” and head back to the crypt’s entrance. The stonbridge is under attack. The robots must be destroyed so fight them off before you reach the Meister’s hall.

Sigismud wulf will point you the location of causeway entry. You should follow the Gent. Your target is protected inside a field. Start destroying the transport tubes at the boundary of the of the field. Automatons will make things difficult for you.

You can’t avoid them all so you fight with them first. After you have destroyed some tubes, the generator will loose its energy shield and you can destroy it. Gent’s attacks are dodge able if you keep on moving around the field. The longer you stay at one point, more vulnerable you will be.

The central platform will be exposed, hit to cause the damage. Repeat the procedure for rest of the generators. Gent then will be forced to move back through the causeway. Now you need to decide his fate. You can either choose to hand it over into the Legion’s custody (Influence with Lucas or Angali) and if you protect him, you will gain influence with Reinhart and Katarina.

The final verdict will go in your favor as people of Stonebridge will publicly announce their support to the Legion. Before you can start for your next heading (Glitterdelve), you may want to complete another side quest Uncovering the past. Use the quest guide to find the locations of the traitors and then question them and decide their fate to gain influence over your mates.

If you have visited Glitterdelve already, then return the meisters’ hall and plan for the ultimate battle. If not this is your next destination (The Tumbledown Court).

Chapter 7 – Glitterdelve

You set your destination to Glitterdelve where if you can save the queen and other royalist soldiers, you can win her support to strengthen your alliance further against Kassynder.

Frostspire Mountain
After you set The Tumbledown Court as your active quest move through the chapterhouse’s causeway to the stone bridge causeway. Use the quest guide and head for the Glitterdelve causeway gate. After the gate, you will find yourself on a mountain.

You need to descend it to reach the mines below where the royalists have taken shelter from enemy cannons. They will attack you too. Focus on the sound and dodge the attacks. You can break the dark rocks to reveal some useful items.

As you proceed further down, you will find some Azunite soldiers. They are tough and won’t go easy on you but you also have been through a lot. So it will more or less be an average battle. Deal with the weaker foes first and then engage the strong beasts. Their attacks are powerful but slow so if you are fast enough, you engage them in close battle.

Ultimately you will meet one of the queen’s soldiers. When the soldier gives you a key, he will also ask you for a side quest Making an Entrance. If you retake a royalist encampment from Azunites, their influence over the area can be decreased. Set it as your active quest and follow the trail to a gate. Open it with the key given to you and enter the storehouse. You will find some cannon powder inside.

Follow the trail again back up the mountain to a wooden gate where you can find a cannon ready to be fired. Break the gate using it and enemy forces will attack. Deal with them and any resistance inside the camp to free it.

Now select “The Tumbledown Court” as your active quest again. Head back down to the mines where you find some royalists making their stand against Azunites. Enter the storehouse for the Ammunition. Quickly follow the trail now to the cannon where you need to use the cannon to destroy the mines’ back entrance.

With the back entrance closed, you should search for blue crystals (you might already noticed them) and destroy them to enter deep into the mountain. Inside, you will meet a a local man.

Kaari Pass
The local you meet will also have a side quest Untamed Mountain for you. He asks you to find some royalist soldiers in the Kaari Pass. As you reach the Kaari Pass, some spiders will attack. They won’t be a big trouble though but the other enemies will give you a tough fight. Beware of their strong melee attacks and the ice thrown at you.

After you have defeated them, head further to find more royalist soldiers fighting with spiders. Help them and guide them back. Gather your reward from Ibsen.

Now track the three geomancy conduits told by Ibsen to you on Kaari’s Pass. The quest guide will help your cause. The first one is protected by a strong enemy. You will have to defeat it first. After you have dealt with all three conduits, head back to Ibsen to report your progress. In return, he will give you a stone that you can use to track the royalists.

Ibsen ain’t done with you yet and wants you to do one final task Ibsen’s Cave for him. He wants you to clear the cave in Kaari Pass from any threats. Use the quest guide to reach the destination and then clear the danger. Ranged attacks will be useful against them.

Choose The Tumbledown Court quest again and head to the Glitterdelve mines to the left. Destroy the crystals you find to reveal another path that will lead you to the area now populated with royalist soldiers.

It won’t be a straight journey though as dakkenweyrs will interrupt your path. They are quite familiar foes for you now. You can deal with them, can’t you?

Glitterdelve Mines
As you explore the huge pit at the center of the cave, you will find many useful items spread across. Beware of the firey flares in the deep well. Follow the quest guide to reach the Tumbledown court to meet the queen.

After discussing the different possibilities with the queen, Phineas will assign you a side quest All the Glitters. He asks you to find the gemstones (Painite). He will also give you a Lodestar to find them. Bartholomew (the merchant) has another task The Prototype for you. You need to find his lost unique weapon. After you select this task as your side quest, follow the trail till you find Roderick. He will ask you to gather explosive satchel to collapse the tunnel.

First one is in the junction chamber near the corpse. After you find the second satchel and a red crystal ahead, activate the crystal to move the mobile platform. Head back now to investigate a side tunnel you left behind.

As you cross the moving platform, explore the glowing rocks to find the first out of 4 gemstones you need to find for Phineas. After collecting the gemstone gather the third satchel from the side tunnel. Ride the moving platform now to get the 4th satchel. This time there will be a group of enemies will make your task a bit difficult.

Use the guide to reach the southern mining tunnels where the cavern has many crystals. You can find Bartholomew’s weapon here. Enemy cannons will make things difficult for you. Destroy the required crystal as show by quest guide to reveal the weapon.

Now set “Enemies at the Gate” as the active quest and reach the prescribed destination. Azunite lieutenant will create trouble for you but if you keep a safe distance from him while fighting, you can survive and then place the gathered explosive charges. You need to move to a safe distance. It will open a new path.

Select “The Prototype as your active quest now. Follow the trail now to the Tumbledown. Bartholomew will award an artifact as reward. Set “All that Glitters” now as your active quest for more.

It’s Roderick turn now to ask a favor Building Bridges from you. Some of the royalists soldiers are trapped inside the chamber near the central pit. You ought to help them. Set it as your active quest and head for the destination. As you reach the chamber, activate the red crystals in the area to align the platforms for the soldiers. They can use it and get out of there. Before you leave, don’t forget to gather the loot.

Back to the “All that Glitters” quest and find the final gemstone. Pick up any explosives from the corpses you find. Move over the enemy control ledge and deal with the Azunite soldiers in the section. Open the treasure chests to find the final gemstone. Now set “Uninvited Guests” as your active quest. Move across the moving platform and fight against a lieutenant.

After you have cleared the area, place the four explosive satchels on the mine cart and get to the safe distance till the explosion takes place. Now that you have blocked tunnel’s both the breaches, you can head back to the Tumbledown court. The return won’t be straight forward but intercepted by waves of enemies which by now should not a be a problem for you.

After collecting the reward from Phineas, its time to trade/buy something useful. It’s important that you upgrade every time before the next big thing. Move with Phineas now. He will straighten a platform for you and next he will be busy in shutting down the stone stream. Meanwhile, you need to protect the scholar from enemies.

Roderick will inform you that Jeyne’s men have entered through the deep wall. You need to provide the covering support. Head to the wall and start slaying the Azunites.

It’s time to deal with the Warbeast. It is one of toughest fights in the game. The trick to defeat the creature is counter action. You need to wait till it charges towards you and dodge the attack.

After it misses you as a target, it will be your time to attack. You can’t be hasty as a single contact while it’s charge can be lethal.Meet the queen now and she will be happy to join in as an alliance with you.

Chapter 8 – The Spire

The Legion has been restored to it’s full strength yet again. It’s time to strike the ultimate foe with full force.

Spire Bailey
After you have reached Spire’s outer wall, head north to confront two archons (Saraya and Rajani). Rajani will be there only if you spared her life earlier. Both the archons anyhow will elaborate the conditions of Spire and their boss Jeyne form whom they seem to be unsatisfied.

After you are done talking with them, time to explore the courtyards with tons of azunite soldiers. Open the north courtyard gate by pulling the central lever. You cant enter the building yet. To open the door, head to the south courtyard and move through the west gate. Enemies will attack. Deal with them and stand on a golden pressure switch to open the door.

Head down the stairs and after pulling a couple of levers, you will find an area full of azunite forces. After you have dealt with them, talk to the prisoner who begs you to get him out of there. You need keys to open the cells. Move to the north block to confront the key keeper. Since he is a keeper, you can expect a tough fight. Dodge his attacks and then attack him at the counter.

Once you have the keys, open the cells for the loot and as far as that smuggler is concerned, you can either choose to free him or let him stay inside. If you free him, he will prove as a useful merchant in the future and if you don’t, you will get a chest full of artifacts.

Head back up and then to the nearest archon gatekeeper’s tower. Expect heavy enemy resistance. Deal with them patiently and then turn your attention the gatekeepers. You can use the lift get to the top of tower to confront the gatekeeper. Defeat both of them (on both towers) so that you can use the north gate of the courtyard.

Gatekeepers wont be easy to take down. They are sharp and damaging. You need to use the defensive approach and once you read their nature of attacks, you can utilize small openings.

Chancel of Azuna
Head back to the main courtyard and then head north. Save your progress and get ready to face your ultimate foe. Jeyne for the time being will be protected by a barrier and she will send her minions to fight. By minions it doesn’t mean that the fight will be easy.

You might have to replay this trail a couple of times before you clear it. After you have defeated Chakti, Jeyne will run away. Don’t forget to gather the loot after your victory.

Sanctum of Fire
In the Sanctum, Jeyne will use her two more more female guards to stop you. She also will cast some spells this time which you need to dodge. After you have dealt with both of her guards, she will once again retreat deeper.

Saint’s Solace
It’s the final stage and your final confrontation with the big boss. She has no option now except to fight. Don’t be tensed if you find it an impossible trial.

If you keep on dodging her attacks, you will find chances to attack too. Just make sure that you revive your partners if they are down so that all her rage does not fall on you. Use every ounce of power you have to defeat her as she won’t take any less from that.

After you have defeated Jeyene (she runs yet again actually), it’s time to return to Rukkenvahl chapterhouse. Use the lift to get back to the Spire and in the basement area, you will find a causway gate that will lead you to your destination.

You need to get the mayor to safety. Use the key given to you by Armand and head to the basement. Use the key now to reach the east forest. The Radiant Youth will warn you about the true evil strength of Jeyne. Get ready for another epic encounter with her.

The massive creature summoned by Jeyne is quite scary. It uses hands to attack and also serve as the weak point for it. The archons summoned by one of it’s hands are need to be dealt quickly. If you haven’t been focusing on upgrading your gear throughout your quest then you can forget to win this battle. By now, your powers must be equivalent to the creature’s.

After you have destroyed it’s right arm, it becomes more aggressive. It summons more and tougher enemies and also emits black bile. You need to take cover behind the stones and as you see the opening (it’s exposed head), attack with full force before it rises again. After you have defeated the giant beast, Jeyne has noone else to support her. You can now decide her fate that is either kill her or let her live.

This completes your long competitive quest.

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