Dungeon Siege 3 Troubleshooting Errors Guide

There were several things I didn’t like about Dungeon Siege 3, and the most annoying among those were the technical problems that I experienced while playing the game. In this Dungeon Siege 3 Troubleshooting Errors guide, I will outline several workarounds to the same issues, you may also come across while playing Dungeon Siege 3.

Dungeon Siege 3 Troubleshooting Errors

Note. Obsidian Ent. has released patches that fix most of the graphical issues, so I advise you to update your game before you follow the workarounds to fix those issues.

1# Missing Character Details on Character Select Screen
Install goes fine, but when you go to the character select screen, the details are missing, you only see an outline of a ghost character. If you are experiencing this issue, update your video card drivers and DirectX to resolve this issue. Make sure you meet minimum requirements of the game.

2# Dungeon Siege 3 Crashes on Start Up
Your game crashes just after the logo screen or splash screen pop-ups and next instant, you are on desktop. If you are experiencing this issue, first make sure you have installed Microsoft Framework 3.5 and 4.0 and the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redist 2008 and 2005.

After that check your version of the game, it can possible be a language or a region conflict.

  • Close all applications
  • Go to Control Panel -> Region and Language
  • On Formats tab, set Format to English (United States).
  • On Location tab set Current location to United States
  • On Administrative tab in the Language for non-Unicode programs section, click the Change system locale button and in the new window again select English (United States).
  • Click OK and restart Windows when prompted.

For now, the above workaround fixes this issue, but hopefully it will be fixed in the upcoming patch. You can reset your region after finishing the game if the devs are shy to release the patch that fixes this issue.

3# ATI HD6970 Freezes and Blue Screen Error
If you are experience blue screen errors right after certain instance of the game, or just random freezes and your video card is HD6970 or one in the series.

It may be software to hardware compatibility issue causing these problems. Enforce ‘performance’ at ‘texture filtering quality’ and disabled ‘surface format optimization’ at ‘Catalyst A.I.’ tab to fix this issue. Or try lowering the graphics to medium to just get past through that instance where your game crashes and freezes.

4# Locked Camera and Lag in Dungeon Siege 3
Locked Camera is what only developers can fix.

5# Re-map keyboard controls and Key Bindings in Dungeon Siege 3
The game doesn’t support remapping of keyboard controls and forget about the bindings. Auto Hot Key also doesn’t work but you can try your luck with Glovepie. I will update if I found something that would enable the keyboard controls and bindings.

6# Can’t save the game in multiplayer ?
No you can but only if you are host. Other players don’t have access to save files during multiplayer session.

7# Eyefinity Fix
Make sure you have the game updated with latest patch that fixes the issues with eyefinity. If that doesn’t work, try to change your Bazel correction a bit and try to make it shorter.

8# Black Screen When Destroy The Bridge
Just when you destroy the bridge and animation is to appear, you get a persistent black screen and freeze. This issue has been addressed in the patch, so make you have your game updated to latest patch.

9# Dungeon Siege 3 Graphics Bugs, Black Patches
If you have experiencing graphics bugs like black patches on different section of the screen, you may want to update the game with latest patch since lot of these issues have been fixed with that patch.

10# Dungeon Siege 3 Has Stopped Working – Server Browser Crash
When you click find game in the multiplayer, browser crashes, and results in Dungeon Siege 3 has stopped working error. This happens after the latest patch, and devs are looking into it. Expect another patch to fix this issue.

11# Local Co op Controls FixHow to Make Gamepad and Mouse Keyboard Controls Work at the same time
Make sure your gamepad is plugged in before you start Dungeon Siege 3. At the start menu before you load a game, go to options and un-check ‘gamepad support’. Then load your game and player 1 should be set to mouse/keyboard while player 2 can still press start on the gamepad to join in. This way it will work.

12# Game Crashes and Doesn’t Save
First, don’t rely on autosave and always save at the glowing save points manually. So, you can recover the lost saves if your game crashes. When the game will crash, your auto save may get bugged, so manual saves shouldn’t be ignored.

13# Dungeon Siege 3 Graphics Bugs Caused by AA
You may experience several graphical issues, if you force Anti-Aliasing in the game, set it to application controlled to avoid any of these issues.

14# Game Freezes on Xbox 360, PS3
Try to clean the cache, update the game. If you are on PS3, wait for the patch that would fix these issues.

15# Dungeon Siege 3 Memory Leak – Performance Fix
If you are experiencing performance issues, lag, low framerates with the game, you may want to update your graphics card driver to the latest version. ATI guys are again on the receiving end of these issues, Catalyst v 11.5 drivers are what you need to fix these issues.

16# How to get Xbox 360 controller to work with this game
You can use Tuca Edit Xbox 360 emulator and it should work out fine.

If you face any other issue, let me know, and I will try to help you out.

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