Dungeon & Dragons: Dark Alliance Character Stats Guide

Dungeon and Dragons Dark Alliance is a third-person action adaptation of the tabletop role-playing game. Even if you’re familiar with the tabletop understanding the use of different stats and upgrading them in the game can be a bit confusing. This Dungeon & Dragons: Dark Alliance Character Stats guide will help you understand all the different stats that you will be managing in Dark Alliance to get the most out of your characters.

Dungeon & Dragons: Dark Alliance Character Stats

Stats in Dungeon and Dragons Dark Alliance influence your character abilities and strengths and weaknesses in the game. They depend mostly on your character’s attributes and feats. Moreover, the stats of your character are also affected by the different equipment you use, allowing you to build different characters as you please.

With the stats, your different attributes are represented. Different stats contribute to different attributes and upgrading these attributes in D&D Dark Alliance will level up your stats as well.

Attributes in Dark Alliance

These are the familiar attributes from the Dungeons and Dragons Tabletop roleplaying game. While they represent the same things, they affect stats in different ways mechanically in Dark Alliance. Let’s look at each of them below.


It determines the physical power of your character. Furthermore, Strength provides a bonus to the physical damage you deal and allows you to absorb more damage.


Dexterity determines your speed. This increases your chances of critical attacks as well as the damage dealt from Critical attacks.


This attribute covers your durability. Constitution contains your overall health pool, stamina pool, as well as stamina regeneration speed.


This refers to the knowledge of your character. Higher Intelligence allows you deal higher Elemental Damage and decreases cool down timers of different feats.


Wisdom governs your player’s common sense and intuition. Moreover, this provides higher defense against Elemental damage and Condition Resistance.


Charisma includes the character’s personality. This attribute also increases the charging rate of character’s Ultimate Ability and the attack radius on the Ultimate as well.

General Stats

With the attributes understood, these are the general stats that different attributes affect when upgraded.


Attack is the overall of damage that your character is able to deal to the enemies. This includes the Armor and Condition Penetration of your Physical attacks, as well as the Elemental Penetration of your Elemental attacks.

It also includes the Critical chance and the critical damage you attack have the chance of dealing. Along with this, the stamina bar also contributes to your attack stat, as higher stamina means you can throw more attacks.

On the whole, the attack stat depends on your Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Constitution to some extent.


The defense stat is the overall value of your armor and hit points. Higher armor and HP mean you can take more attacks before you lose. Armor can only be changed with the usage of different equipment and your HP depends on your constitution.

Your resistance to different attacks is also affected by Strength and Wisdom.


Focus is the ability to use Ultimate attacks. You can only use these attacks when your Focus is up till a certain point. Furthermore, this stat determines how quickly can you use your Ultimate, and its damage. It is governed by Charisma and Intelligence.

Elemental Damage

Elemental damage is the overall value of your different Elemental attacks. Also, this stat is mostly governed by Intelligence and the equipment you have.

Elemental Resistance

The ability to reduce the damage from different Elemental attacks. Also, this is solely governed by your Wisdom attribute, and the armor you use.

Party Combat Power

It is the overall value of the Attack, Defense, Focus and Elemental Damage and Resistance of all the members of your party. It determines the overall ability of your party.

General Stat Stats Included
Attack Stamina Physical Damage Critical Damage Critical Chance Armor Penetration Elemental Penetration
Defense Hit Points Armor Condition Resistance
Focus Ultimate Ultimate Recharge Rate Cool down Reduction
Elemental Damage Acid Damage Fire Damage Cold Damage Lightning Damage Necrotic Damage
Elemental Resistance Acid Resistance Fire Resistance Cold Resistance Lightning Resistance Necrotic Resistance

Attribute Points

To upgrade your attributes, you need Attribute Points. These allow you to upgrade any attribute of your choice and make your character stronger. There are two different ways you can earn Attribute points in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance. The most obvious way is to level up. So, as you go through the course of the game and kill enemies, you gain XP points.

With enough XP, you level up, and for each level you get 1 Attribute Point. With this, your character will also get a single Feat Point every level, allowing you to level up your feats as well.

As for the second way, you can find Attribute Shrines in each stage. These shrine-like structures can be found in the game by exploring the stage. These provide you a free Attribute Point. Some of these are blocked behind different puzzles and challenges.

Since every stage has an Attribute Shrine, you can get additional 21 Attributes Points other than the ones you earn when your character levels up. So, this allows you increase your abilities very fast and choose your play style early on.

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