Dumb Ways to Die 3 Tips and Tricks

We have curated this Dumb Ways to Die 3 Tips, Tricks and Strategies Guide for you so that you can easily get in the action whether you are a returning player or a new player

Dumb Ways to Die 3 Tips and Tricks

We have included different tips and tricks that will help you complete different challenges and all mini-games easily. Complete the game and become the ultimate bean with our Dumb Ways to Die 3 Guide.

We have also detailed in our Dumb Ways to Die 3 tips how you can unlock all characters, minigames and new cities.

Grind Coins

Just like most free games, Dumb Ways to Die 3 requires some serious grinding when it comes to collecting coins. You will primarily need coins to repair houses in cities and as you repair more houses, you will unlock more cities.

Repaired houses give you coins that are required to repair more houses so your best bet is to start slow but once you have enough houses repaired, you should start collecting coins from all these repaired houses so that you have enough to repair more houses.

It is worth noting here that each house has a limit on coins so make sure you come back to collect so that it can produce more coins for you. If you are in a hurry and the house you have to repair needs only a few more coins, you can click on any repaired house to collect what little amount it has gathered so far. This really helps in grinding as many coins as quickly as possible.

Open Gift Boxes

Tokens are used to buy gift boxes, which are priced according to their rarity. Cheaper gift boxes will give cheaper gifts while premium gift boxes will yield premium gifts. These gifts can be new costumes, coins or new characters. The inclusion of new characters in these gift boxes is one of the main reasons why you should always open Gift Boxes.

If you are not willing to dish out token on them, the game also gives you a free gift box after every 30 minutes so you just need to simply check back often and open the gift box. It will also keep the cycle going and you can receive more gift boxes.

Watch Ad Videos!

Ad videos are mostly annoying and they ruin your best gaming moments but sometimes these ad videos are very helpful especially when they speed up the process of something or give you free stuff like coins and tokens.

Here, however, you can watch videos to speed up healing of characters if they are hurt or speeding up construction of buildings. Most of the things that cost tokens in Dumb Ways to Die 3 can be done free of cost by watching videos so we will definitely advise you to use this perk. Watch free videos and save your tokens for when you really need them.

Unlocking Cities

The main progress of Dumb Ways to Die 3 is by unlocking new cities and moving on. The only way to unlock new cities is by repairing the current city you are in. Every city you arrive in is in pretty bad shape so it is up to you to repair it. Each city will have many buildings that are damaged. Tapping on a building will show you the requirements to complete the repair works for that building.

Your job is to find the required materials and repair as many structures as possible. Normally, you will get access to a new city once you have repaired half of the current city.

Video ads will come in handy here to speed up the repair process. You will also need to unlock more houses by completing different missions. As you complete missions, more houses will unlock and you can repair them to advance to new cities.

Unlock New Characters

Dumb Ways to Die 3 features 10 unique unlockable characters, each with their own special ability, for you to collect and play with. Unlocking these characters is really easy but it could take some time. To unlock characters, you need to buy gift boxes. There is a chance of getting a new character from premium boxes.

Low-cost gift box may also give you a character but only if you are very lucky. Normally premium boxes will have a higher chance of giving you a new character. Until you unlock all characters, you should spend tokens on gift boxes. Below we have detailed all these characters along with their special bonuses:

  • Stumble – Stumble is immune to first hit so it is the best option when considering for a character when playing mini games.
  • Mishap – Mishap has plus 2 life so it can carry on further than others.
  • Botch – Playing with Botch will give you ability to collect nearby tokens.
  • Putz – Putz has plus 3 life so it can also carry on further than other characters.
  • Numtpy – You will not take any fire damage when you are playing with Numpty
  • Calamity – Playing with Calamity gets you a plus 10% score multiplier
  • Stupe – Stupe boosts airplane life and allows it to take 1 extra hit
  • Dunce – Playing with Dunce gets you plus 50% extra tokens
  • Bungle – Playing with Bungle gives you plus 25% score multiplier
  • Dummkopf – Playing with Dunnkopf will give you plus 25% extra tokens

These are all ten characters that you can unlock from Gift Boxes.

Flying Fiasco Minigame Tips

In Flying Fiasco, you are required to steer a plane through different obstacles. You need to learn how the tap mechanic works in order to successfully dodge all incoming obstacles. You will also come across different rings which when collected will give you coins.

Your main aim here should be to avoid the obstacles. One common mistake that people make here is that they focus on collecting the rings and they end up hitting obstacles. Stupe and Stumble are recommended characters for this minigame.

Holding on to the screen will make the plane go up, and letting go of the screen will make the plane dive.

Pyramid Run Minigame Tips

As the name suggests, this is an endless running game with the bean of your choice. The rule here is simple, avoid the obstacles and keep running till you can. Numpty and Stumble will be great in this minigame.

This is a very straightforward minigame so you should focus on avoiding as many obstacles as you can for as long as you can. Tapping and holding the screen will make your character jump higher

Space Drift Minigame Tips

For this minigame, we recommend that you use Stumble if you have unlocked him. Here you need to launch your bean in the space as far as possible while avoiding obstacles.

Avoiding obstacles here is not easy because your bean will be floating in space. Picking Stumble will help, as he will absorb the damage from the first hit.

Simply set your angle, launch in space, and try to avoid as many obstacles as possible. Running into the TV obstacle won’t take off your helmet but it will stun you.

Snow Safari Minigame Tips

Snow Safari is also all about playing it safe. Avoid the obstacles, manage your speed and you should be fine. The best characters for this minigame are Edgy, Metal Magnet and Stumble.

You must master the speed mechanic in this minigame because the more efficient you are with your speed management, faster you can take the turns.

Passing though the flags will increase your score, but at the same time it will also increase your speed, making it difficult for you to control your character.

Therefore, skip a few flags every now and then to slow down and collect more coins.

To change the direction of the bean you’ll have to tap the screen once, but if you want it to change direction quickly, then you’ll have to tap and hold the screen for a while.

Pyramid Slide Minigame Tips

You’ll find yourself riding a sarcophagus down a pyramid. All you have to do is avoid the obstacles by either jumping over them or changing your direction.

Collect coins and crystals along the way. Rest, this minigame is pretty easy to master.

Rafty Rapids Minigame Tips

Imagine yourself playing the Flying Fiasco, only this time around on a vertical screen.

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