Duke Nukem Forever Weapons Guide

Duke Nukem Forever is just around the corner and I have been waiting for this game for more than a decade. I can’t express my excitement for this game. The game will feature persistent alien enemies from the Pig Cops to Ripper Gun teleporting freaks. But don’t worry, as these cool Duke Nukem Forever weapons can help you wreck any enemy you face.

Duke Nukem Forever Weapons

Below are all the guns and tools you can use in Duke Nukem Forever to turn the tide in your favor by kicking ass while chewing bubblegum.

Two Fists and One Foot
Duke’s infamous Mighty Foot returns, accessible via its own special key. This foot can literally make minced meat out of enemies. After all, why waste another bullet when you can use your foot to make a mud-hole. Also, if you are out of ammo don’t worry, Duke is able to use fists and use the mighty foot all at the same time. Now that’s what I call a brawl!


This sidearm is a Duke’s standard-issue. It’s not very powerful but it’s still lightweight and accurate but you should opt for a better weapon against this one

M14 Gold Pistol
For years people have wondered whether or not Duke’s trusty Desert Eagle will make be featured in the upcoming game. It is coming back and in style. This time you will be using a stylish Gold M14 pistol that fires 8 shots. A word of caution as it certainly isn’t for people with eating disorders.

Garter Pistol
You can use this weapon in the multiplayer modes called Capture the Babe and Hot Potato. You have to use this weapon after you grab a Holsom Twin and it will change only on delivering the babe successfully. It has great damage and one shot kill ability if you land the shot accurately, but it has a slow fire rate and even slower reload but it comes with infinite ammo so that’s a plus

The Duke Nukem Forever Shotgun is still the old-school pump-action gun that we knew of, but it can only hold up to seven shells before needing to manually execute a rather long reload into the weapon.

AT Captain Laser
This is a minigun used by Assault Captains. You will have to wait a second for it to fire but it does a lot of damage. It also runs out of ammo quickly.

AT Blaster
This is the standard-issue firearm of the Assault Troopers. This is a low-level weapon and there are much more powerful weapons present in the game. Its range is low but it’s accurate and the projectile are slow.

It uses a Pregnator that is alive and wired with some machinery so that you can manually use its spitting ability to damage your enemies. The ammo is basically its sperm, so you don’t have to worry about ammo as it fills up again when you stop shooting. It has a parabolic fire style in which it shoots green gooey balls and you need to make sure you are away from the target in order to avoid being damaged but it’s not as bad as explosive weapons. You can use it as medium ranges and getting some height would be great. You can use it on maps Sky High, Command, Drop Zone and Biohazard.

This is a very overpowered chainsaw that has the combination of a Shotgun’s and Ripper’s abilities but not their weaknesses. But it has a mobility issue which makes you an easy target while you fire with this weapon, but you can still move quickly while not firing.

Laser Sniper
This is an ancestor of the Railgun featured from 98 in the early concepts arts and was only seen in Duke Nukem Forever 2001 E3 Trailer.

Machine Gun Turret
It has 20 damage for each bullet it fires. It’s great against bosses and is used in DNF.

Noob Tube
You can use this potato cannon in Call of Duke, the multiplayer map

This rapid-fire weapon is a good weapon for dispersing several enemies at once, as it has a powerful blast. Beware, though: this weapon fires very rapidly and uses lots of ammo!

Shrink Ray
As valid by its name, this is a weapon solely used to shrink those typical big, ugly looking monsters and stomping them using your mighty foot. It shoots a neutron looking green orb.

Freeze Ray
Since Duke Nukem 3D one weapon has ruled aliens and that is the Freeze Ray gun. It fires a special type of ice bolt which freezes enemies in their tracks. Furthermore, you can smash the frozen enemy in to tiny bits by using Mighty Foot. Yeah, don’t you dare steal Duke’s beer.

You can use it only in the Inferno map in multiplayer mode. Its functioning is the same as BFG 9000. A green ball made up of energy is used to damage the enemies. This ball explodes upon contact.

It is the counterpart of Atomic Edition and it acts accordingly. You inflate the enemies on contact from its energy bursts which will make it slow and vulnerable and the second energy burst will make the enemy explode.

Pipe Bomb
As seen in the trailer, the Pipe Bomb is an improvised explosive device is thrown by hand and can be triggered by a separate hand-held remote detonator, giving Duke the ability to rig levels with some tasty traps. Not only that, it also comes with a snazzy remote control. Also, just like Mighty Foot, this has a special quick key.

The revised RPG now has a lock-on targeting system. However, since it is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, it can only hold a maximum of five rockets at a time.

If you really want make your enemies feel Duke’s wrath, the Devestator is your ideal choice. Capable of firing twin rockets, this baby can lob small rockets at ultra fast rates of fire, meaning you can make a short work of enemies in a small amount of time.

A new and rare weapon has been added to Duke’s arsenal. This is an alien weapon that lobs a blue-colored orb that causes a massive explosion, and has a good similarity to the notorious BFG.

The railgun is a plasma charged sniper rifle that not only provides Duke with lethal head-shots but at the same time can cause nausea to aliens. Sad part is, it only has 3 bullets.

Trip Bomb
These little laser traps can be placed to ambush the aliens also it can be placed on their heads to cause serious migraines. They are like sticky bombs but with lasers.

Share your wild tips to use these weapons, we like to kill Duke’s way.

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