PlayStation 5’s Dualshock 5 Controller Will Be Identical To Dualshock 4, Report

reportedly Dualshock 5 will be very similar to Dualshock 4 makes sense if Sony is actually thinking to make PlayStation 5 backward compatible.

Sony is working on PlayStation 5 and reportedly the next-gen console will be backward compatible. However, that is not the only rumor making rounds on the internet as reportedly Dualshock 5 will be very similar to Dualshock 4.

It also makes sense if you think about it. For PlayStation 4 games to be backward compatible, Dualshock 5 has to have the same controller layout as Dualshock 4.

However, this doesn’t mean DualShock 5 won’t see any improved features. The next controller could feature a touchscreen instead of a touchpad. But, touchpad, in general, is more reliable than a touchscreen, so there is a chance that Sony might stick with the touchpad for Dualshock 5.

While Sony Interactive Entertainment is working on PS5 we still don’t know its specs. However, PlayStation 5 specs have leaked and they are amazing.

According to the leak, the PS5 features an 8-core AMD Ryzen CPU. Reportedly, the console is a solid 4K/60 FPS and developers already have access to PS5 dev kits.

As for when PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will launch? Both Microsoft and Sony are quiet about it. However, AMD has confirmed that next-gen console are coming in 2020.

According to AMD CEO Lisa Su, the company expects “significant growth” in the APU chip sector starting from 2020 and onwards. Both PS4 and Xbox One use AMD APUs and the same goes for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

It is highly likely that next-gen console will also use AMD APUs especially if both Sony and Microsoft are looking to make them backward compatible. This indicates that PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will launch in 2020. But, this is just speculation, so take it with a grain of salt.

Also, another leak suggests that PS5 will feature AMD Navi graphics architecture and it is exclusive to PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 4 is almost at the end of its life cycle. But, there are a few exclusive remaining like Death Stranding, The Last Of Us Part 2, Days Gone, and Ghost of Tsushima.

However, reportedly Sony has another PS4 exclusive to announce. According to the leak, the game unannounced PS4 title is a proper first-party game, not a PSVR title.

Source: Game-Experience

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